Day 9 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Scarface: Deeply Rooted

Scarface is truly a Hip Hop legend, his name generates a certain illustration. This Year. Scarface dropped a much needed album in Deeply Rooted. It’s the Face you know of speaking on issues that affect today. It’s a shame that our legends are still carrying the mantle.

Hip Hop Song: Mac Miller feat Sean Price Per Sounds

When I first heard this the beat alone caught my attention. Mac Miller is that dude in a lane he has helped create and he has an il beat to flow over. . Add the late Sean Price to the mix and a hot track is born.

Non Hip Hop Album: Lyfe: Tree Of Lyfe


The brother Lyfe has dropped another great soulful album dealing with fullness of what it is to be in relationships. There’s nothing to hate about Tree Of Lyfe, well a few tracks are offputtimg just off of musically choices for the song. Great album from someone who in another era would be on some legendary road.

Non Hip Hop Song: Tyrese: Shame

This song became one stuck on my mind because my girl rocked it so much on iheart Radio. Not a bad song, honestly a great song, I think it’s one of the better songs Tyrese.

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