Day10 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Hus Kingpin & SmooVth: Splash Brothers


The first song of course is the “Playoffs” jpint , you know that was a hot joint. The album is pure underground gold. I never really listened to either one of these dudes before this 11 track free Ep but I’m checking them out now.

Hip Hop Song: Gangrene feat Havoc and Sean Price: Sheet Music

The beat, the hook, the bars…… Hip Hop. This is the track that grape attention from the album, the hook by Havoc almost steals the show.

Non Hip Hop Album: The Weekend: Beauty Behind The Madness


Up until this year music from The Weekend was not on my radar. Ask me about dude now and I think he good for what he do and a way better than his contemporaries. Not surprised that I like the album more surprised I didn’t get down with it sooner. The album is fire.

Non Hip Hop Song: Ellie Goulding : On My Mind

Just a tad too poppy for my taste but sometimes you gotta give it up to something good. I always have a Ellie Goulding in the cut that I like, this year I put it l my list.

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