Enjoy and Be Educated #1545: You’re Welcome (FINAL Episode | 4 1/2 Hours Special)


Monday while on Mixcloud I noticed that I didn’t see the past Saturday show of Enjoy and Be Educated. Went to their site just to see the site is down the show is over. Enjoy and Be Educated was one of the shows I looked forward to listening to it Monday while at work. I always admired how they transitioned from genres flawlessly and drop gems about the artist and the music during the talk break. Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected love for music and the fact they established the fact their show wasn’t just a Hip Hop show. The show will be missed. The site will be missed even more for documentaries they found, they put me on to so many dope videos that I never were on Youtube. The level of love for Jazz was unparalleled in my opinion. I hope this just break and i’ll see the site back up. Salute

With this being our last episode of Enjoy and Be Educated, we’re giving you 4 1/2 hours of great music, covering as much as we can while bringing some previously untapped material to the masses. Encapsulating what our show’s goal was for the last 2 1/2 years, we spare no expense as our way of saying “You’re Welcome” to the fans who’ve said thank you for what we’ve done. From us at the Diggers Union, we appreciate your continuing support; the journey is far from over…..

Follow us on Instagram: @DiggaPlease (Hevehitta) | @WaxsonPollack (DJ Unexpected)

**Note: Though the show has come to an end, new mixes will continue to be posted to our MixCloud account. Please check back regularly for exciting new mixes from The Diggers Union.

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