More Proof That The Eastern Conference Is Garbage


It’s bad enough being a NBA player playing for any eastern conference team that isn’t Cleveland and reading and hearing that Cleveland will be in the NBA Finals hands down  while it’s a major debate when speaking about the western conference teams. To just have your conference basically be so weak that other than Brooklyn and Philly all the other teams have a chance to make the playoffs. It’s definitely not because the competition is that tight over in the east, that’s far from the truth. The eastern conference has gotten worse over the last three to four years and it’s at a point now that that national television scheduling is cool with showing all western conference teams and eastern teams when playing Cleveland or any western conference teams apologetically.

All that mediocrity in the east leaves the door open for someone who has coached only three, count em, THREE games to be the coach of the NBA All Star game, not the games on Friday and Saturday but the big game of the weekend. While people have to make an argument to even bring Luke Walton up in the conversation for coaching the All Star game. Walton never had a shot,maybe because he’s an assistant coach who filling in for Steve Kerr, my only excuse for why he was passed up. The Toronto Raptors coach could have been an obvious choice being that the Raptors are second place. Every coach has to wonder how does this happen and watch in shock as it plays out. Yes coaching an All Star game is pretty easy but it’s an honor, something only a few coaches can say they have done. Great coaches have been overlooked due to their team standings and then the one year they are in a good ranking the more recognizable coach would get the job.  Personally I never knew how the coaches were picked for the All Star game, I know team standings don’t count if that coach had coached the game the year before and maybe, just maybe that technically keeps Walton out because Kerr coached last year for the same Golden State team. So how does a guy replace someone who coached a team to the best record in the eastern conference get that guys spot?. Isn’t it safe to say Tyronn Lue is being honored for what Blatt did? How about just get Blatt for the one game because he earned his spot. Giving it to Lue doesn’t make it right by any means., especially when Walton who has coached the Warriors to what could be a historic year for the regular season wasn’t picked to coach.

It’s the All Star game and being honest I personally stopped watching years ago and was going to watch this year for Kobe Bryant because unlike The NBA and ESPN the fans understand what Kobe has brought to the league. Who knows maybe the fans would have wanted anyone from the coaching staff of Cleveland to be the coach of the NBA All Star game. Either way this becomes something other coaches need to examine because one young coach who has led his team to the overall best record in the league and some guy who has coached three games to the point of being named an all star game. That says outright that the eastern conference sucks and no coaches even deserve to be looked because teams are so bad right now.

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