Streep Said We’re All From Africa And People Lost Their Minds


Call the he quote a way to get around The Oscars fuckery by NOT having ANY African American people nominated at all this year. Or call it a glimpse into what someone believes to be true. In any event one thing is for sure all the pro white was on display on any comment box that reported the comments made by Meryl Streep. It’s not that the comments were made about how dare she call everyone African, it’s more how dare people act as if the comment isn’t the truth.

Let’s put aside racial pride and look at facts. First off just like all man started out as Jews we also were black. Yeah maybe we could play foolish and assume people came from somewhere other than Africa but we all come from Black Jews, Hebrews for those that need real clarification. God created man from the ground. Dirt is brown so by logic we all are black,  Africa becomes the source due to Egypt being in the Holy Books by name. When you fall back and research places in the Bible it’s all Northern Africa. As people traveled the body reacted differently to the different location. Evolution and or mutations happened. Blue eyes were known as a defect, and by the way there are blackest of the black, almost purple, of men and women with the bluest eyes that have not had white people near them, just saying. The white washing of history makes people think there is some debate when the very book that holds the teachings of any religion tells you continuously people were black during those times.

Of course the major thing is the Roman and Greek factor. Look back at history and not paintings by people who weren’t there and notice they occupied the same space as early Egyptians and Hebrews. By this time skin color as well as hair texture have progressed and changed so people have specific looks.Africans look different depending on what country they’re from. Truth be told those pure white cavemen from the Caucasus Mountains were descendants of early Mongolian people, look at the early facial resemblance to Asian people. Evolution and weather and location gives us what we now know as white people.

You want to take offense to what what said about us all being from Africa fine but we are all from somewhere in that area as it’s proof the first Asian people had much darker skin as well as African features. The bigger point is we’re all of the human race and to treat people different based in race is unacceptable. The message got lost in a quote, one that is absolutely true. To continue to deny that somewhere in Northern Africa civilization was born is as silly to argue, the facts are there. There was a time when Egypt wasn’t considered part of Africa for whatever reason. Maybe to not acknowledge that if they were black so too were the Hebrews since Moses was passed off as the Pharaoh  family member they had to look somewhat alike, that just couldn’t be black if you people tell it.

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