Bengals Should Forget Monday Night Happened

The fact that the Cincinnati Bengals lost Monday night isn’t what is shocking, it’s better to lose now then in the playoffs or fall into a slump right?  One would love to say the Texans stepped up for a Monday night game, you also can say the Bengals did too, and that may have been the team’s downfall. There were way too many long passes dropped when all Dalton had to do was nickel and dime the defense. All the great teams do it,  matter of fact they do it more than you know. Tom Brady did in the last minute of the game Sunday against the Giants in those last seconds to win the game. Now I’m not saying that would have gained a victory but it could have helped. I’m not giving into the primetime meltdown theory that for some reason The Bengals can’t shake, if anything they tried to put on a show and it backfired. The Bengals are the number one team in their division and as long they put the Monday night behind them they should be fine. They’re healthy, or healthier than a lot of other teams and they still can secure a by week in the first round since The Broncos have become an almost below average team in a matter of weeks. I predict The Bengals will get back to what we expect of them Sunday night.   Two out of three primetime games could be great for a team accused of falling apart in those kinds o                                                                                                                                                                  


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