So how is Mark Zuckerberg not Un-American?

With all the things going on with legal American citizens Mark Zuckerberg has chose to lobby for Immigration Reform. I personally don’t care but what i don’t get is how the same groups against Obama aren’t running around saying come together and protest against Facebook. Well, I guess that protest would have to start on Facebook, so never mind the protest now. The crazy thing is we as Americans always hear about how we should help those bright minds stay in America and never really hear about bright Americans and or programs helping them get ahead. How about jump in the debate for helping people afford college, or Americans having a working wage or just some programs that does something for those in lower income lifestyle who are just as bright as those this refom is supposed to help with no chance of excelling.

Speaking of bright students with chances of excelling, this is why the group was formed. This has nothing to really do with fairness to those who have lives their lives in America and now can’t further their education because of that technicality, no this is for those top percentage students who have that technicality standing in their way. Maybe Zuckerberg is keeping in line with American tradition by using immigrates to further his ideas for America. His Immigration Reform for students who can contribute to the tech world is no different than what people did with the Chinese and the railroad or Mexicans to the building of the SouthWest. Let’s be real Zuckerberg isn’t lobbying for the Hispanic who will end up working for at a hotel cleaning rooms or the African who sweeps the floors at the casino, I’m sure there is some screening process to this as it is no secret is geared towards those who will help the tech world. So even Immigration Reform the way Zuckerberg is laying out isn’t for everyone. That’s American as apple pie. Inequality is American, just as helping immigrates that further your plans and needs is.

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