Day 1 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Non Hip Hop Album: Anderson Paak:  Malibu


First off what is crazy to me is that in a time where singers are routinely labeled as rappers Anderson Paak depending on who you talk to doesn’t fit the criteria.  Malibu is one of the best albums this year hands down. It’s soulful and deep with the essence of game peppered all over it.

Hip Hop Album: De La Soul: De La Soul and The Anonymous Nobody


Even though we the public knew De La Soul was working an album. No one could have known that the album would have been so different in a good way. Let’s be real the highlight alone is the track with 2 Chainz. De La continues to grow as artists and this album is the newest testimonial to that.


Day10 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Hus Kingpin & SmooVth: Splash Brothers


The first song of course is the “Playoffs” jpint , you know that was a hot joint. The album is pure underground gold. I never really listened to either one of these dudes before this 11 track free Ep but I’m checking them out now.

Hip Hop Song: Gangrene feat Havoc and Sean Price: Sheet Music

The beat, the hook, the bars…… Hip Hop. This is the track that grape attention from the album, the hook by Havoc almost steals the show.

Non Hip Hop Album: The Weekend: Beauty Behind The Madness


Up until this year music from The Weekend was not on my radar. Ask me about dude now and I think he good for what he do and a way better than his contemporaries. Not surprised that I like the album more surprised I didn’t get down with it sooner. The album is fire.

Non Hip Hop Song: Ellie Goulding : On My Mind

Just a tad too poppy for my taste but sometimes you gotta give it up to something good. I always have a Ellie Goulding in the cut that I like, this year I put it l my list.

Day 9 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Scarface: Deeply Rooted

Scarface is truly a Hip Hop legend, his name generates a certain illustration. This Year. Scarface dropped a much needed album in Deeply Rooted. It’s the Face you know of speaking on issues that affect today. It’s a shame that our legends are still carrying the mantle.

Hip Hop Song: Mac Miller feat Sean Price Per Sounds

When I first heard this the beat alone caught my attention. Mac Miller is that dude in a lane he has helped create and he has an il beat to flow over. . Add the late Sean Price to the mix and a hot track is born.

Non Hip Hop Album: Lyfe: Tree Of Lyfe


The brother Lyfe has dropped another great soulful album dealing with fullness of what it is to be in relationships. There’s nothing to hate about Tree Of Lyfe, well a few tracks are offputtimg just off of musically choices for the song. Great album from someone who in another era would be on some legendary road.

Non Hip Hop Song: Tyrese: Shame

This song became one stuck on my mind because my girl rocked it so much on iheart Radio. Not a bad song, honestly a great song, I think it’s one of the better songs Tyrese.

Day 8 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Raekwon : Fly International Luxurious Art


Raekwon did his thing on the F.I.L.A album. Yeah there were way too many guests on the album but it still was a fun album.more celebratory of just good living than dark dreary hood stories. The album’s title lets you know the vibe that’s taking place.

Hip Hop Song: Black Milk Cold Day

Anther creative hood story song from Black Milk, he gives such a upbeat vibe to his story raps at times, this is one of those. The beat of course is fire, it’s Milk. What would you expect?

Non Hip Hop Album: Tuxedo: Tuxedo


I personally thought of this album as a Hip Hop album but Amazon cause R&B,. The album is funky, the whole vibe is smooth and just heat,feels like summer in west coast .

Day 7 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Fashawn: The Ecology


Some albums you hope are good and end up being far better than you expected, The Ecology is that album for me. I know Fashawn has bars and listening to his mixtapes I always feel the beats get to crazy and wierd, same thing I think about Blu when I listen to his albums, but The Ecology kept it simple. The beats were dope and the subject matter was great. One of the album’s that played all the time.


Hip Hop Song: Rapper Big Pooh feat.  Jalen Santoy, November, Lute Kings

First off I think any album with less than ten songs is an EP, so I didn’t count Words Paint Pictures on the list, one more song would have gotten it in. That being said the one song I played all the time was “Kings”. It’s a I’ll cut with young spitters you really say some deep shit the beat is soulful and every one did their thing.

Non Hip Album: Carla Morrison: Amor Supremo


My Spanish is the worst, I know enough to have a short conversation and keep it moving. Despite this I enjoyed Amor Supremo by Carla Morrison, it’s a sultry album, something smooth to listen to. Every song has close to the same Tempo, that isn’t a bad thing at all. Great album that I wish I knew what was being said.

Non Hip Hop Song: Mark Robson feat Keyone Starr

While everyone was all over”Uptown Funk” and rightfully so what became a song that was sick to me was “I Can’t Lose” that features Keyone Starr. It’s light breezy and jacks the melody of a Snoop Dogg song that featured the late great Mate Dogg. All that said it really is one of the the better songs on the album

Day 6 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Skyzoo: Music For My Friends


Skyzoo has become a consistent MC, even when musically he goes somewhere else it’s still fits Skyzoo. Music For My Friends has guests that you want to hear spit with Skyzoo and never thought  would. There isn’t a lot of boom bap but as long Skyzoo is spitting you will get bars.

Hip Hop Song: Camp Lo :  Award Winning

Camp Lo dropped a good album this year, not sure how many people checked for it to be honest. One major highlight for me was “Award Winning”. The flow is sick and turn beat is nice. It’s cool to hear an iconic group that deserves more a lot credit than they get.

Non Hip Hop Album: Boney James: Future soul


First impression is that Fururesoul is a Jazz Neo Soul album bubut the term ” Neo Soul” itself is no longer a term, but there is something about this album that is grounded and soulful. At times it can get a bit elevator music sounding but jazz album doesn’t at times. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to any Boney James music and this album was a treat to listen to.

Non Hip Hop Song: Jazmine Sullivan:Forever Don’t Last

One of the most underrated artists of her generation for what ever reason. Moving past that, one thing is obvious, Jazmine Sullivan makes great slow jams. “Forever Don’t Last” takes you back to the 80’s with the soulful sound of the song. This song will be around for years. And yes I cheated with this simply because this song is too good to let go unacknowledged.

Day 5 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Apollo Brown: Grandeur


Remember when Dilla was the Pete Rock and The Alchemist and Statik Selektah were the closest thing you could get to DJ Premier? Well if there was a producer looking to be the second coming of 9th Wonder it would be Apollo Brown. He has an impressive resume and shows why on . I personally thought it would be another collection of beats, it’s so much more. Every track is sick

Hip Hop Song: Slum Village feat Bilal and Illa J : Love Is

Yes is one I’ll ass album and one of the tracks that get me hype is “Love Is”. The track is totally Slum Village and then add Bilal in the mix and the finish is classic.

Non Hip Hop Album: Vivian Green: Vivid


I have’t kept up with what Vivian Green has been up to, mainly because I’m not into her music Ike that.What I am into is Vivid, Green’s latest album. Soulful, funky and filled with life. The uptempo songs feel natural and are energetic and fun. The slower songs are heartfelt even the more cookie cutter sounding ones. Vivid is a nice album.

Non Hip Hop Song: Grace Potter: The Miner

I like Midnight but my personal favorite is “The Miner”. The title tells you all you need to know about this mid tempo song, chick is in semi okay relationship and her man is nice with the Jedi mind tricks.