Walking Dead Shirts Racist, Real


So apparently in the midst of a slow news cycle these last couple of days a controversy was created. The controversy I’m speaking of is about a shirt. That’s right a shirt. The shirt has a quote from the television show The Walking Dead. The quote… “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

Here’s where it gets strange. The story originally started overseas. Some British person took offense to shirt stating the origin of the phrase. That somehow forced the hand of chain of stores called Primark. How does this become something Americans care about? Simple The Walking Dead is popular, popular is an understatement, it’s a major phenomenon. So of course anything remotely close to controversy about the show becomes news. This however is something that I totally agree with Jeffrey Dean Morgan that ” Holy crap people are stupid”.

I understand the racial component to all of this, I also know that truthfully most people don’t even know that “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” has a terrible history attached to it, Black people included. Growing up we have all more than we can even begin to imagine have used the phrase in games. It was how you picked who would be “it” in any game ending with the word tag. It’s something people still say as adults. Even when people are exposed to the truth behind the phrase no one really stops using it. If anything I’m glad this nonsense came from abroad and not here in America. I personally haven’t seen the shirts that are causing such an uproar but if one of the people Negan killed were Black…. Oh spoiler alert, the show and comic would have been in hot water. This is the kind of stuff that makes the rounds when Trump is having a decent week.


Is Tamron Hall Walking Away From The Today Show A Good Look?



For some strange reason, slow news week I guess, everyone is either talking about Beyoncé or LeBron and Barkley beef or Tamron Hall leaving NBC. The news broke last week and no one really card. Maybe because it’s now February and the time slot once held by Hall and Al Roker was dominated by the them, beating out Kelly Ripa, will be no more come fall. The question isn’t was Tamron Hall right for leaving but where was the noise about a show with high ratings being cancelled? As of today , Feb. 2, no one is really upset about what happened. Sure we could blame it on Trump and how his ties with Fox got Megyn Kelly removed which resulted in Hall leaving. This is just showbiz 101. The money and that was reportedly offered to Hall should have kept her happy.

The unintentional inconsideration shown by NBC is on display here. Two Black co host consistently winning their time slot are supposed to be okay with being replaced. The lack of respect that morning news/talk shows het is at play here as well. Had Hall been the his of the evening or prime time slots the uproar would go from reasonable to ridiculous faster than President Trump could tweet a response to anything he doesn’t agree with. Then you think of how the news was presented to her, right before Hall went on air. Imagine being told you’re doing a great job one week and then to have someone tell you you will be replaced another week. To Hall’s credit she kept it classy.

I have only seen the show here and there but from reports she as a person takes her fan base to wherever she has gone with the confines of NBC. One could only hope that those who spent ten years with her on the Today Show will follow her whatever she lands a gig. Loyalty and appreciation is something that keeps many people afloat in the world of television. Look at Skip Bayless, he took his talents somewhere else and currently is crushing the former show.

ESPN All Time NBA Ranking By Positions Totally Biased

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers, 2015 NBA Finals

Last week ESPN opened a dialogue with the ranking of NBA players by the positions players play. On the surface it seems genuine, then you quickly realize it’s nothing more than a way to throw Stephen Curry and LeBron James in the mix. Somehow with two great years Curry was ranked as the third greatest point guard ever… Ever, all time 70 years of NBA basketball and two great years qualifies a player a slot as an all time great? Being honest Curry being third is what made me even write this, and the fact that Isaiah Thomas was fifth behind Stockton who was third and Curry who was fourth. Chris Paul was the only other active player on that list.

LeBron James being the number one over all small forward ahead of Larry Bird makes no sense. I know Dr. J NBA career was nothing compared to his ABA days and what we do know of him is solely based on those ABA days. Putting him at third is more respect than anything knowing that the rankings are just a way to throw Stephen Curry and LeBron James in the discussion of all time greats. Of course ESPN doesn’t care, every show will sings the LeBron James theme song and praise him. I’m less shocked about the ranking and more shocked by men and women who know sports and the historical context of sports actually agreeing with the rankings.  The rankings come off like some people in their twenties who know the names of legends, but since they never seen them play they were ranked lower  not people who know the history of the game.

I’m not even upset with the rankings, I’m upset that the on air talent all found reasons to agree with the rankings. The fact that Curry was on the list is crazy but ahead of so many players including Isaiah Thomas is wrong. ESPN is totally focused on making Curry a legend that disrespecting true legends isn’t a problem. Having Magic Johnson tell you the placement is wrong with Stockton and Curry means nothing. Magic has thrown the words “great” and “hall fame players” around to almost anyone the NBA was behind at certain times that it is an obvious fit to have him at ESPN. I hope Curry becomes that star ESPN is making him out to be and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle for whatever reason like Derrick Rose. Remember how he was on the verge of being the second best player in the league before he become Mr. Glass? Life happens and as of now Curry is on the right track. Jordan was even named all time great until he retired the first time. Hell people this year are comparing Curry to Jordan and ESPN is more than happy to help that comparison become legit. Give Curry time and then make this a topic.

Thursday Review 9-3-15


Thursday Review is finally here,It’s a podcast talking about what has happened during the week within Sports, Movies, Politics and life. This week I talk about Tom Brady, Idris Elba, the Richard Pryor movie and some other things. Feel free to hit me in an email or on some social network outlet.

Maybe The NBA Should Trade With The WNBA Season

Not sure where all the asking current NBA players about the length of the regular season came from or even why, It’s been 82 games for as long as the current players have been alive. They knew it was 82 games going in, it’s what separated college from pros, it’s fun watching some rookies ran out of gas in the second half of the season. You ask any retired players and they’ll tell you the current players are stronger, faster, and have methods that help them healthier and heal somewhat faster. Those former players will also add that the current players in the NBA are soft. Bitching about the length of the season proves it. As a fan it’s ideal because of football season but other than that it’s fine the way it is. Football bleeds into baseball and no one is screaming shorten baseball, people would like a quicker game but not a shorter season. People would be cool if football expanded its season. For some strange reason the players in the NBA want shorten their season.

I have an idea, why not trade seasons with the WNBA? Not just the season length but the number of teams as well. Let’s be real outside of any eastern conference team LeBron plays for the east is useless. Keep the western conference teams and let the d league keep those from the east. Shorter season, less teams. Allow the ladies to get a real NBA type season under their belts with 32 teams and I’m sure the women playing will not complain. It makes the fight for a championship that much more difficult. Give the WNB A the NBA schedule and have the NBA players in the summer. The WNBA has never really gotten the respect it should be given with all the talented players that play in the league. Why not give the women a chance at an 82 game season since the men are cool with not playing those long seasons. The NBA season isn’t long, it’s the fact that the league hasn’t taken advantage of their television contract. At one point TNT showed games every Tuesday and Thursday with TBS showing games on Wednesday. You add what was once thought to be an every Friday affair on ESPN that never happened four out of five days had games. Not to mention NBATV which could actually show two games every night during the regular season but for some reason they don’t. If you showed more games as well as show more teams and stop trying to show every Cleveland game the league would benefit from 82 games. 82 games a year and television only focuses on ten teams? There is your problem. Also I think the players are taking the league for granted. Players become more recognizable and the job, The NBA, becomes secondary. The NBA makes good to great players stars. Trust me if LeBron had went to the CBA  ESPN wouldn’t have been like fuck the NBA . The NBA is the big dog of basketball. LeBron wouldn’t get a shoe deal playing in China or be considered great. How spoiled are these players to want the same pay for playing less games. I’m surprised that there aren’t former players calling this out as bullshit. The league will not fold if the top players leave and play somewhere else if they were to strike because of a long season, does anyone remember The ABA? That league was just as good if not better but name and recognition of the NBA kept them on top. The NBA will be here when all the current payers retire and there may still be 82 games.

Ledisi Should Have Been A Feel Good Story Of The Grammys


If you’ve seen the drama about Beyonce stealing Ledisi’s thunder yesterday and may have wondered who is Ledisi? You’re not alone, she isn’t part of pop culture regulars at all. Now if you’re the type of person who actually took time to check her music out and liked it because you’ve read comments about how good, no great, she is of a singer imagine if she had got to perform at The Grammys instead of Beyonce. The Grammys have been known to single handed put artists  front and center in pop culture just from exposure. Ricky Martin was one of those people, Bon Iver was a niche group before The Grammys.  Imagine hearing Ledisi do her thing and everyone first learning how to spell her name then going to Itunes to hear her music. To have performed at The Grammys televised portion on your resume is a great look. Some people with great careers have not only never won, have never been nominated for a Grammy, which by the way not being up for those major award does lower the chance to perform a song at The Grammys. Ledisi lucked up because of The Selma tribute. This could have been her one shot or at best the first of many times seen live at The Grammys. Blame on what happened can go around starting with Beyonce, to those who didn’t stop Beyonce from hijacking Ledisi shine, including Ledisi herself. Maybe if she had voiced her opinion things may have been different. That last comment can also be taken two ways because it could have also meant what outlets do play Ledisi’s music could have stopped playing it as a result of standing up to the queen. Maybe John Legend could have spoken up. If this was Like Chocolate For Water Common he too could have been substituted for a more high profile MC.The Grammy are nothing more than black tie AMA or MTV awards, if you’re not holding top spot in Country, Pop or Urban music you’re not even on the televised portion of the show. Ledisi made it through the doors with nothing more than VH-1 Soul as a outlet. I hope someone at The Grammys noticed the class act she was to take it all as a blessing and find a way to get her stage sometime in the future.

Athletes Not Entertainers Making Bold Statements


The news media went crazy this morning with the story of LeBron James wearing a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt during practice along with a few other players last night. I’m not hear to add to that story but take away fromit how it seems more athletes are making statements whether it’s the Rams in St. Louis or the Nets Cavs game than rappers and singers. It’s something to applaud because there are so many things that could happen as far as sports are concerned. The NFL and NBA both have sidestepped the issue while not condoning nor condemning the players involved. What makes it great is the fact the players didn’t shy away from the questions and answered them respectfully about where the shirts. The other side of the fence where entertainers are flooding Twitter with their thoughts which is fine but it’s not the same thing as being heard on the radio. No one is calling up to stations or posting videos on Youtube and sending the link to blogs… Well let me fall back and say I don’t think that’s the case, I’ve been looking since the Mike Browns killer was given a pass. Morning shows speak on Brown and Garner and move on to the next story as if it’s regular celebrity gossip. I get people look to escape the real world by listening to certain shows or just the radio in general and going to certain websites, but as Black people we can’t just turn off the issues that plague the communities we live in, and in some ways it’s selfish of me to want more from Blacks in the entertainment world. It’s not just radio and television but online as well. All the sites that have tons of ads featuring black faces on their sites aren’t making that effort either. I don’t expect MTV or The Rolling Stones sites to have editorials about the what happens in the lives or the taking of lives of black people. The blogs and sites carried on speaking on the newest songs released what Kardashian is doing what and what artist or athlete is doing. Of course it’s not my place to speak on what others do when I haven’t really written anything myself about what has been going on. I do feel to follow the ongoing drama that is Bill Cosby and not the historic ongoing battle on Black men says something about us as Black people. ESPN was forced to speak about the life of Black men vs. law enforcement in America thanks to having to speak on LeBron wearing the shirt. ESPN has had every show speak about this and will for the remainder of the day. Radio personalities have the same opening as the African American men on ESPN do and the moment to add thier two cents is going by fast. Wish our entertainers and radio personalities could speak as freely about injustice in our community as they do about other entertainers.