I Don’t Believe Chrisette Michele Is Bridging Anything But She Should Be Planting A Flag


“My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us.

I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain.

This country has had great moments. God has shined His light upon us.

Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation. I am willing to be a bridge. I don’t mind “These Stones”, if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless.

I am here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about what matters,”.

I am here, representing you, because this is what matters.”

– Chrisette Michele

That was the open letter to fans and Black people in general. There’s no denying that Michele’s words are sincere, it’s the recent past of Trump that makes any  Black  person that even remotely  seems to be hearing him out look a like “coon”.

Let’s get beyond the whole “bridge” talk and get into that fact Chrisette Michele will be performing at Trump’s inauguration. What will she wear? What will she sing? Protesting from the sidelines mean nothing, the media will spin whatever happens  into something they can control. If Michele uses this opportunity to do something significant no one would know anyway. She could fire a  subtle shot letting the Trump administration know that Black  people are watching and want, demand  and deserve respect. Do I think she will just take the money and sing whatever Trump and his family wants, this is me thinking that Trump has no idea about Chrisette Michele’s catalog and just needed a Black female face to show up. The fact that she accepted the invite there isn’t the issue, what happens with the opportunity is. I’m all for a Beyoncé Superbowl Halftime controversy, that overshadows the night. Do I think this will happen? Not at all but I also don’t think her career is over. Fans will be mad for awhile and then move on. Trump is Trump, he has four years to either show his true colors or keep up the ignorance, that is unless it isn’t an act. People will have forgotten about this by the summer unless some diva wants to beef with her over Twitter and bring it up. We as Black people have to wait and see what happens the next day or Monday.


RSIEH: Jesse Williams Speech At The BET Awards



I don’t watch anything on BET and last night was no exception. Waking up the real news wasn’t who won what award or who killed it on stage but what was said by Jesse Williams. The was so evident that when I googled his name and BET and every news site has a story and footage of the speech. I’m personally glad someone spoke to our people and that it was on BET, and not just BET , but a few other channels as well. It’s something should be applauded as well as something that should soak in the minds and souls as those who heard the speech. Maybe BET is started to change the way things work at the channel or maybe they had no idea what Williams would say and to cut him off would be more harmful. In any event , it was a great speech that needed to be heard by all. As I type this , BET and Viacom  have went above and beyond to not have the speech online. Youtube has deleted every upload of the speech and BET.com is showing an interview of Jesse Williams and not the speech while highlighting the performances. The truth is there and BET needs to jump on board a movement that will soon target them as a brand if they continue to choose to straddle the fence. I downloaded this from Steven Rodgers youtube account, salute to Steven Rodgers





Ice T: Final Level Episode 46: Afrika Bambaataa and Mr. Biggs Bridging the Generation Gap



This week on the Final Level podcast with Ice T and Mick Benzo, Ice and Mick are joined by two living legends; Afrika Bambaataa and Mr. Biggs of Soulsonic Force. Bam and Mr. Biggs break down the origins of the Zulu Nation, the origins of Hip Hop, and what we should know in order to fight against a system which is stacked up against us.

The Combat Jack Show: The Norman Lear Episode

‘Good Times’, ‘The Jeffersons’, ‘All In The Family’, ‘Sanford and Son’ creator Norman Lear shares with us the challenges he faced in changing the face/race of American television, his influence on modern culture, Hollywood and more. And how the turbulent times of the post civil rights 1970’s mirror’s pretty much whats going on in America today. At 93 years old, Norman is as sharp, lucid, focused and concerned as he ever was. This is mos def a great story and an incredible journey. We are definitely moving on up with this one. #RaiseTheBar

The Combat Jack Show: The Erick Sermon Episode featuring Torae, Deray Mckesson and Netta

Great episode, it starts off with Torae speaking on his radio and kickstarter project. Great episode, this podcast keeps changing and evolving and it’s all for the better.

Superfriends Erick Sermon, Torae, Deray and Netta all stopped by. From hip hop rugs to #BlackLivesMatter, this episode has it all covered. #RaiseTheBar Internets

The Coolness Of Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton did much better than expected raking in $56.1. Million dollars and coming in number one this past weekend, as of now, Monday, I have yet to see He movie. What this has shown is just how much Hip Hop is truly a  culture that needs to be respected. This was a film that people from all walks of life were rooting for and praying it wouldn’t tarnish the legacy of N.W.A. Of course Ice Cube and the stars of the movie like Gary F. Gray had to do the routine PR campaign to promote the movie, but the rumors of the film and the good reception to the film being made was enough to ensure that the film would do well.  The movie crossed demographics and was rated R  and is doing well, which other than certain comedies doesn’t happen often.

The ugly aspect of all this is how as a culture our legend’s stories are not being told. Younger people had no idea that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube were in a group together and as much as the younger people on social media would want you to believe they’re Eay E fans many of them were lost with what they saw from comments they typed out. .N.W.A had one the biggest and most bitter breakups in Hip Hop and for that to be lost in today’s beef obsessed world is saying something. N.W.A like 2 Live Crew fought and sacrificed to say what they wanted on records, a fact artists all over who do music should know and be grateful for. Hip Hop blogs and sites should have been telling the story of N.W.A long before this movie went into production. Not to sound too disrespectful but I’ve been waiting for some protest group to throw “Fuck The Police” in the mix as a theme on the low. The one thing younger people are taking away from the movie is how not much has changed in regard to the police and their violence towards Black people. Speaking  of violence there hasn’t been any attached to the movie about the world’s most dangerous rap group. That is now a story, gangsta rap movie hasn’t caused some sort of uproar somewhere.

Hopefully Straight Outta Compton opens the door or more legends, not saying 50 Cent, Eminem and Biggie don’t deserve movies but seeing how so many people had no real clue who N.W.A was means our ” urban” music outlets and Hip Hop sites have been failing to preserve the last great American art form. Yes, Hip Hop is being held as more important and influential the days of the British invasion and just important and diverse as Jazz. So many people who claim to love Hip Hop don’t know  amazing moments and people. This may be the beginning of something great down the line for the culture.

Rachel Dolezal Is Crazy What About The NAACP

By now you’ve heard about Rachel Dolezal and how she pulled one over on the Spokane chapter of The NAACP, or did she? African Americans are highly upset about all of this and taking that frustration out on Dolezal. It seems justified on the surface, then you realize she has been with The NAACP for years. The story had died down but it still continues to have memes made about Dolezal, and even a SNL skit. This isn’t someone who just got there three or four months ago, we’re talking close to a decade within The NAACP. How did no one even think something was up with Dolezal? Truthfully she wouldn’t be a story if she was some intern that was caught up in blackface. It would have made the local news, a few Black blogs, even a talk show or two and we would have moved on. This became news because she was the president of a NAACP chapter. She was voted in by her peers. How did no one no she wasn’t white? Everyone wanted to hear what Dolezal had to say for herself and yet there is no asking about the Spokane chapter of The NAACP who seems exempt of any foul play at this point. It’s already out there that people have actually met her parents as she claimed her father was her step father, so as her parents I’m sure were saying it was all a hoax, did no one in The NAACP believe them? The fact she had no childhood friends on Facebook didn’t seem odd, hell no old photos of her childhood. We can’t just go hard at Dolezal without asking what part if any did The NAACP have in all of this keeping up the charade. The whole being Black thing started in 2007. I get that something like this doesn’t happen often and the fact she has two adopted brothers who are Black and some older gentlemen was the man she claimed was her father doesn’t make one question her. Is the media and us as Black people afraid to ask The NAACP how they didn’t see past her blackface? What I have noticed while this story had legs and is still a running joke is that The NAACP didn’t really put distance between them and Dolezal. There were no harsh words about her from her chapter at all. Could Dolezal have made the same moves being herself? She has art in galleries, she teaches, or taught at this point, The Black Woman’s Struggle, African and African American Art History, African History, Intro To Africana Studies and African American Culture. Could Dolezal had gotten the respect as a white woman? If not, and I do think she wouldn’t have, maybe just maybe doing the blackface was a safe bet. So far no one is saying she was terrible at her job as a teacher or member of The NAACP. I’m sure many people have had great conversations with her about life as a Black female or just being Black. Would those conversations not have been had if she was just some white chick? Maybe The NAACP had some idea and went all Lois Lane not wanting to see the truth for some reason. If anything Dolezal proves that white people can understand our situation in America, she wrote papers that I’m sure people read and thought they were great and people loved them and were conversations pieces in some groups. Those papers would not be respected if they came from a white female no matter how good they might be. She is totally wrong for pretending to be black but she must not have been that bad of person, so far I haven’t heard anyone close to her or who have been in her company really speak negative about her. Getting mad at Dolezal is normal, spreading that anger to The NAACP should be just normal.