Day 1 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Non Hip Hop Album: Anderson Paak:  Malibu


First off what is crazy to me is that in a time where singers are routinely labeled as rappers Anderson Paak depending on who you talk to doesn’t fit the criteria.  Malibu is one of the best albums this year hands down. It’s soulful and deep with the essence of game peppered all over it.

Hip Hop Album: De La Soul: De La Soul and The Anonymous Nobody


Even though we the public knew De La Soul was working an album. No one could have known that the album would have been so different in a good way. Let’s be real the highlight alone is the track with 2 Chainz. De La continues to grow as artists and this album is the newest testimonial to that.


Day10 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Hus Kingpin & SmooVth: Splash Brothers


The first song of course is the “Playoffs” jpint , you know that was a hot joint. The album is pure underground gold. I never really listened to either one of these dudes before this 11 track free Ep but I’m checking them out now.

Hip Hop Song: Gangrene feat Havoc and Sean Price: Sheet Music

The beat, the hook, the bars…… Hip Hop. This is the track that grape attention from the album, the hook by Havoc almost steals the show.

Non Hip Hop Album: The Weekend: Beauty Behind The Madness


Up until this year music from The Weekend was not on my radar. Ask me about dude now and I think he good for what he do and a way better than his contemporaries. Not surprised that I like the album more surprised I didn’t get down with it sooner. The album is fire.

Non Hip Hop Song: Ellie Goulding : On My Mind

Just a tad too poppy for my taste but sometimes you gotta give it up to something good. I always have a Ellie Goulding in the cut that I like, this year I put it l my list.

Day 4 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Statik Selektah : Lucky 7


I swear every year it feels like I’m throwing Statik Selektah album in the mix of my favorite albums
Not surprising given the fact that Statik gets the right personal for these albums and Lucky 7 isn’t any different. The album is filled with gems as one would expect. Another great outing in 2015.

Hip Hop Song of the year: Wale White Shoes

One of the better albums this year was Wale Album About Nothing. One song I personally thought was great goes to”white Shoes”. I could have placed the whole album in the list but I’d have to leave out something I really think should be I’m this list. One thing is for sure I’ve become a fan Wale more and more with the release of each new project

Non Hip Hop Album: Adele: 25


First off I have to applaud those who hate on this album for being slow and semi depressing, it shows people are so in denial with real life that when an album that touches on heartbreak comes around people panic. No dance tracks nothing crazy uptempo and yet an album that filled a void in radio right now, the truth records. Mary J was the queen of those types of songs. 25 is good as it is depressing and that counts for something.

Non Hip Hop Song: Alessia Cara: Here

Anit social to the highest power, or super stuck up. Either way this song is sick, I hunted the song once I heard it on the radio.

Day 3 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Kendrick Lamar: How To Pimp A Butterfly


Here is an album that confused many people, not because it was complex but because it was an artist pushing the game to a degree. So far elevation has been dudes singing on records and Kendrick came with something totally off the wall. Musically it’s West Coast Hip Hop all day, even the songs with Flying Lotus who reps the West.  Is the album too different? Not sure but I am sure it was needed on a time where the game seems to be going in two directions. Kendrick has opened a new lane and that lane will be for West Coast MCs who don’t want to follow the path of Dilated People or Snoop and DJ Quik

Hip Hop Song: Joell Ortiz and !llmindfeat Emilio Rojas, Bodega Bamz & Chris rivers: Latinos

As much as I like the Human album it’s not on my top ten list. “Latinos” makes me list and if you hear this just once you’d know why. There isn’t a weak verse at all. One of the better possess cuts of year.

Non Hip Hop Album: Hiatus Kaiyote: Choose Your Weapon


I started listening to this group when I first heard “Nakamarra”. From that point I checked for anything they did. The album has less singing than  Task Tomahawk but it means nothing because the beats that just come out of nowhere are sick as he’ll. Amazon has them in them in the R&B genre but nothing ever remotely close to this comes on urban radio and stations that do play more soulful stuff aren’t playing this either. One great album from crazy creative group.

Non Hip Hop Song: Case: Timeless

The latest Case album is cool but “Timles” stood out instantly. The 90’s feel could have been what attracted me to the song. The song is a great song for someone like Case who hasn’t been around for years, at least from what I know

Day 1 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Dr Dre: Compton


Something has to be said for someone like Andre Young, who is still relevant today as he was in 1987. Of course the average Hip Hop fan knows the good doctor for his headphones and his label which has one of the greatest MCs of all time on the roster. During the summer Dr Dre reintroduced himself to the world musically and the results were phenomenal. The album was relevant and up to date with a distinct sound that you’re still not getting anywhere else. Compton was a companion piece to the movie Straight Outta Compton and the summer belonged to the West coast.

Hip Hop Song:  Knxwledge Feat Anderson .Paak : Suede

From the moment I heard “Yes Lord” my favorite song became”Suede”. The beat complimenting Anderson’s voice and dare I say swagger makes this song instantly one of those songs that stays on your mind. Anderson .Paak has his Iceberg Slim game way up on this song. Add this to the all star contribution he gave on Compton, Anderson .Paak has had a great second half of the year.

Non Hip Hop Album: The Internet:


I can’t remember what made me go to Amazon and check for The Internet but once I saw there was a new release I ordered it without even trying to listen to sample tracks. There is something about this album that is grounded while still working to be more as the group just subtlety sounds different.

Non Hip Hop Song: Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ – Lean On

Can’t remember when this song became a must have in my music collection, but I wanted it. It’s a nice simple song that makes you feel good. I know I’m the king of hating Pop, Dance and God knows EDM but I like this song.

Day 10 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: Statik Selektah: What Goes Around

It feels like Statik Selektah drops album and or mixtapes every year.What Goes Around was sold on the fact that Statik was building Kanye and Kanye informed Statik Jazz was dead. Statik then made an album with a lot of Jazz samples. This album sounds like something straight from 90‘s when DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Q Tip and many more were rocking some ill Jazz samples. Every MC who came to the party showed out for real. Statik is one of the better producer in Hip Hop and this album proves it.

Hip Hop Song: Statik Selektah feat. Bun B, Jared Evan & POS: God Knows

The whole is dope and on the edge of classic, this song is just classic out the bag. Just hearing Bun B and Pos on a track together is a must hear, then to hear them go where they take the track makes it that much hotter.

Non Hip Hop Album: Walk the Moon: Talking Is Hard

Been a fan since I heard them a couple of years ago. This album is just as hot as the self titled album in 2012. Fun, energetic and just what’s up.

Non Hip Hop Song: Sia: Big Girls Cry

Not as big on this like I was all over “Breathe me”, still this song is on point. I’m not sure when I heard but I know I was shock it was Sia. It’s nice to know she still doing her think and I haven’t gotten around to getting the album yet.

Day 9 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: Planet Asia & TzariZM: Via Satellite

I’m someone who every once in awhile buy a Planet Asia project. This is one of those projuects and it is a banger. The beats are sick coming from TzariZM and Planet Asia does his thing. This is true underground Hip Hop where the MC drops science and the beats match the the MC.

Hip Hop Song: Diamond District: First Step

The whole March On Washington is dope but “First Step” was a standout to me. Everyone involved handled their verses and the way the beat rocks, it was something that demanded multiple plays before I even went to the next song. I have slept on this group and the members as solo acts as well. I’m up on their music and will be checking for more stuff.

Non Hip Hop Album:Taylor McFerrin: Early Riser

I came across this album thanks to Amazon once I got the Flying Lotus album. The beats are mellow and out there but sometimes that eases the soul after long days. I’m feeling Early Riser.

Non Hip Hop Song: Sam Smith: Stay With Me

Getting over the face he looks like Mac Miller to me and all the gay stuff, didn’t know that until I read some peoples comments about him. Anyway, the song is good, even once you figure out what it means. I’ve been holding back on getting the album but to not after rocking this song so hard is a crime.