Black Ceezar: Black Friday 2016


Given the fact that sooo much has happened this year, I felt like I had to be a bit more light with this year’s Black Friday mix. From the passing of people that shocked the globe like Prince, David Bowie and Phife Dawg and the many more celebrities and those in out personal lives. The police murdering unarmed men and women to those individuals who murdered police l. Then there’s the fact Trump who is our President elect. Music is my constant and I know it’s not just me. This is another good mix, enjoy.

Tribe Called Quest – We The People….
De La Soul feat. 2Chainz – Whoodeeni
DITC feat. Fat Joe, A.G. & O.C. – It’s Cold Outside
Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – Jordans & a Gold Chain
Westside Gunn feat Action Bronson – Dudley Boyz
Rapper Big Pooh and Nottz – Jesus
Masta Ace feat. Your Old Droog – 3000 Avenue X
Black Star – You Already Knew
Common – Joy And Peace
Slum Village feat J Dilla – Reunion
Rapsody feat. Raphael Saadiq – Gonna Miss You
David Banner and 9th Wonder – No Denying
Moss feat. Eternia – Day & Night
Pete Rock feat. CL Smooth – Back On The Block
Kanye West feat. Talib Kweli and Common – Get Em High
Reflection Eternal feat. Vinia Mojica – The Blast
Little Brother – Whatever You Say (remix)
Tableek of Maspyke – Summer In The City
88 Keys – True Feelings
Chance The Rapper – Blessings


Day 7 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: Fashawn: The Ecology


Some albums you hope are good and end up being far better than you expected, The Ecology is that album for me. I know Fashawn has bars and listening to his mixtapes I always feel the beats get to crazy and wierd, same thing I think about Blu when I listen to his albums, but The Ecology kept it simple. The beats were dope and the subject matter was great. One of the album’s that played all the time.


Hip Hop Song: Rapper Big Pooh feat.  Jalen Santoy, November, Lute Kings

First off I think any album with less than ten songs is an EP, so I didn’t count Words Paint Pictures on the list, one more song would have gotten it in. That being said the one song I played all the time was “Kings”. It’s a I’ll cut with young spitters you really say some deep shit the beat is soulful and every one did their thing.

Non Hip Album: Carla Morrison: Amor Supremo


My Spanish is the worst, I know enough to have a short conversation and keep it moving. Despite this I enjoyed Amor Supremo by Carla Morrison, it’s a sultry album, something smooth to listen to. Every song has close to the same Tempo, that isn’t a bad thing at all. Great album that I wish I knew what was being said.

Non Hip Hop Song: Mark Robson feat Keyone Starr

While everyone was all over”Uptown Funk” and rightfully so what became a song that was sick to me was “I Can’t Lose” that features Keyone Starr. It’s light breezy and jacks the melody of a Snoop Dogg song that featured the late great Mate Dogg. All that said it really is one of the the better songs on the album

RSIEH: Rapsody: Hard To Choose

This song is my personal favorite from The Beauty And The Beast EP. Rapsody gave the be better than basic comments for Black females throughout the EP but to hear it in the format she uses for this song makes it feel as if it means more. In a time where what you look like and how much you we can see is more important than talent Rapsody has a large following. And still even she has a Lauryn Hill moment where she’s happy other people of other races ride with her but she’d love if that majority of love came Blacks, more importantly Black females. Speaking on our brainwashed state without sounding preachy at all takes skills.

It’s when you walk out on faith
Choose to do what feel right, let everyone else trace
What we chase ain’t the same
I’m still that rapper that your favorite rapper scared to rap after
Sometimes it’s hard to chill, choose to kill, kill, kill, kill
I’m just that good though I ain’t worth a lot of millions
When you rap this well a lot of rappers catch feelings
We all want the best, don’t let a female kill ’em, yeah
Hard to choose culture over fame
You just want to be set and take care of all your fame
It don’t make you, but it be cool to have money like Wayne
Take the shorter roads so the family ain’t worrying
Chose to build it slow, ain’t no need, no hurrying
It’s hard to be political, can’t say what’s on your brain
Careers come quick, it’s just as fast to bury ’em
But I chose to give a damn
And box for you like pictures on Instagram
Chose to respect what was built by both Kool and Bam
You know who I am, word to my homie Wyann
Shit, ain’t hard to choose me there’s only one me, man
(So hard to choose)
That’s why I chose to be that
Because where I’m from it ain’t cool to be wack
And I’m so pro-black
Though they don’t choose me back and that’s some choosy shit
Why it’s so hard to choose y’all over these jewels and whips
Welcome to my side
When you look in the crowd the minority’s never white
I appreciate y’all, but I’m lying if it don’t bite
Cause I love all races but we gotta raise ’em
Cause I know the scale tipped ain’t in no black girl’s favor
Hey y’all, we all outcasts, these black girls favor
The blonde Barbie and scars, we all gotta save ’em
No love lost for whites, Latinos and the Asians
Loyal to all, but when I look at these black girls faces
I understand why I chose to be better, not basic
So it’s not, not (hard to choose)
Yeah, so excuse if I don’t care if hipsters relate
It weren’t for you at all, at all why these songs were made
Like you were overlaid at the airport
And missed your sort of take off
Don’t understand why we get naked or
Why it’s hard to choose being real or being fake, huh?
Cause the world worship people that get their cake up
But I chose to De La Soul and raise the stake up
Now why is it (so hard to choose)?
Yeah, seldom support our own, I helped myself by advancement
Want to make sure our daughters have better chances
But y’all in that show and watching videos
Why it’s hard to choose class or let them titties show
But it’s better for my heart, honey, like Cheerios
And secondly more comfortable doing [?]
Trying to build you up like I went to Lowe’s and bought a lot
MC Lyte, I ain’t forgot what you told me
I ain’t Hovy, but damn
It’s hard to choose being humble or going HAM
Humility’s a weakness, I was told different
Quietest in the room is the baddest one like Durant
It’s hard to choose Carolina over Atlanta
Chicago, LA, especially in Johannesburg
Yeah, cause it’s been love since beginnin’
Home away from home, versus homes we get no spins in
Why it’s (so hard to choose)?
Being super lyrical or slowing it down
Will they understand the metaphors and how they compound
With the two lines before and the next three after?
And ask myself does this shit, if it even still matter?
The joints y’all tripping on are so easy and average
And the ones I respect all got that gift mastered
I don’t want to compromise my sick self for a master
But it’s (so, so hard to choose)
Cause if I don’t I’m not cool and I’m boring
Should add a tsch tsch to my beats to be current
This the shit I think about along with image and earnings
But when Nas tell me “God you killin’ it” then I’m burning
All thoughts chasing y’all, man, it’s easy now
XXL ain’t tripping, Time calmed me down
Thinking where we all started from and where we all sitting now
Shit I see it different now, why it’s not, not (hard to choose)

Day 9 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: Planet Asia & TzariZM: Via Satellite

I’m someone who every once in awhile buy a Planet Asia project. This is one of those projuects and it is a banger. The beats are sick coming from TzariZM and Planet Asia does his thing. This is true underground Hip Hop where the MC drops science and the beats match the the MC.

Hip Hop Song: Diamond District: First Step

The whole March On Washington is dope but “First Step” was a standout to me. Everyone involved handled their verses and the way the beat rocks, it was something that demanded multiple plays before I even went to the next song. I have slept on this group and the members as solo acts as well. I’m up on their music and will be checking for more stuff.

Non Hip Hop Album:Taylor McFerrin: Early Riser

I came across this album thanks to Amazon once I got the Flying Lotus album. The beats are mellow and out there but sometimes that eases the soul after long days. I’m feeling Early Riser.

Non Hip Hop Song: Sam Smith: Stay With Me

Getting over the face he looks like Mac Miller to me and all the gay stuff, didn’t know that until I read some peoples comments about him. Anyway, the song is good, even once you figure out what it means. I’ve been holding back on getting the album but to not after rocking this song so hard is a crime.

Day 7 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2014

Hip Hop Album: J Cole: 2014 Forest Hills Drive



When it comes to young dudes who were the guys who should be carrying the torch J Cole is at the top of the list. Going past the hype and how it was the number one album, the album is good. I’m still a fan of all the beat choices but i say that about Nas too, it’s something that happens I guess. Nice to see the brother is staying to true to himself and giving the listeners something to hold on to.

Hip Hop Song: Rick Ross: Rich Is Gangsta

From the time the beat drops to the last words Rick Ross says this song kills it. I got the Mastermind album and enjoyed it. This song was one of the three standout songs to me.

Non Hip Hop Album: D’Angelo: Black Messiah


This album came out of nowhere, I went to a site one day and saw the Amazon link, went there and there were no comments or stars. I had to go back and read the review to make sure someone was trying to sell a mixtape or some group of unreleased songs from Voodoo. It was the real deal and it was different. Different in a good way, the way you’d expect someone like D’Angelo to give the world.

Non Hip Hop Song: Rae Sremmurd: No Flex Zone

This song is straight foolishness to highest of highs, yet it’s so crazy that it sticks to your ribs. I think everyone kn ows someone way out of the demographic range of this song that sings the hook all the time. I don’t even know anything but the hook and for that the song has done it’s job. Trust me it’s not a good song but because it’s kids being kids and it could be a lot worse like some grown ass 30 something trying to make this his single I gave it love.

Live From The Oasis 12:00 Lunch Mix Soulfilled Monday Ep 9

A soulfilled Monday mix, some good soul music for the soul. From soulful R&B to conscious Hip Hop.

1. Charles Bradley – Strictlu Reserved For You
2. Leela James feat. anthony Hamilton – Say That
3. Carl Thomas – Make It Alright
4. Dwele – I Think I Love You
5. Rhythm – Find Yourself Somebody To Love
6. Focus feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Chaundon – Idols & Role Models (Perspective 2)
7. Blackstar feat. Black Thought- Respiration (remix)
8. Masta Ace & Edo G – Over There
9. Common – The Food
10. De La Soul – Trying People

Day 3 Of What I Thought Was Hot This year 2013

Hip Hop Album: Cappadonna: Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre

From the first track when you hear the horns on “In The Dungeon” you get that Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre is all about that Wu Tang sound that changed the game 20 years ago. This all about just letting Cappadonna do him and he doesn’t fail. Not the best the but a good portion of the album has made the rounds already so it’s the newer or never heard songs that really grab your ear.

Hip Hop Song: J Cole: Crooked Smile

My girl and radio loved “Power Trip”, luckily it’s the other single that for some reason was heard on the radio too that I ran with. I know I said luckily as if J Cole is ass or something, not the case at all. I just gate when artists are forced to make a certain kind of music. “Crooked Smile” seem to be in the J Cole’s wheelhouse. Not sure if Chilli made it to a booth to record but it says featuring TLC and I hear T Boz clearly, and why not have them join in on a topic they touched on in “Unpretty”

Non Hip Hop Album: Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience

This year saw Justin Timberlake make a comeback to the music world. “Suit & Tie” was the first single and almost like “Sexyback” “Suit & Tie” was a grow on you type song. One thing that has been cool about this album is JT didn’t follow the pop trend and if anything went back in time with his music and the power of JT made it radio and pop music take notice. Music us making a return to music again and that’s what is great right now, The 20/20 Experience is one of those albums that is part of that contribution.

Non Hip Hop Song: Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch: Sweet Nothing

I love this song… That’s it, hands down, no embarrassment about it. One day I focused on the lyrics and caught on to what Florence Welch was saying and it became a favorite song of mine. To be fair I’ve found myself liking a few of Calvin Harris songs but this still is the big one for me.