Sunday Soul Session: Christmas Mix 8




Totally going left field with the start of this year’s Christmas mix. Good music is good music, and I’m all about good music. Enjoy.

Kenny Rodgers & Dolly Parton – Winter Wonderland-Sleigh Ride
Lady Antebellum – Christmas
Blake Shelton feat.Kelly Clarkson – There’s A New Kid In Town
Alan Jackson – Just Put a Ribbon in Your Hair
Gary Allan – Please Come Home for Christmas
Alison Krauss – Only You Can Bring Me Cheer
Sam Bush – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Johnny Cash – The Christmas Guest
Carrie Underwood – What Child Is This
Reba McEntire – Away In a Manger
Toby Keith – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Alan Jackson – Let It Be Christmas
Loretta Lynn – Silver Bells
Darius Rucker – What God Wants for Christmas
Alabama – Little Drummer Boy
Patty Loveless – O Come All Ye Faithful
Reba McEntire – Silent Night


Day 2 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Hip Hop Album: J. Rocc & MED Axel F: Theme Music


One the best things about listening to DJs who also produce is what they caught or rather what caught their ears when they make a beat. That observation comes when listening to Theme Music MED is a great MC and hearing how he kills every track on the album makes me wish there was some footage of the sessions during the recording of the album. All the guests fit and album flowed nicely.

Hip Hop Song: De La Soul feat Chuck D: The People

One of the collaborations I thought would never happen was De La working with Public Enemy. De La Soul, who has done music with Redman, The Beastie Boys and the iconic Chaka w has added Chuck D to a list that keeps going, they have gotten Nas on the hook of a song. This song isn’t like The People Common. This song attacks our laziness or content with no longer putting our best foot forward. Everyone does their thing and it’s the grown man views that makes this song work. A twenty something can’t be pissed about much but people in their forties and fifties can be.

Non Hip Hop Album: Conya Doss Seven


Been a fan of Conya Doss from the first time I heard her, she is someone who has been consistent and Seven keeps the streak  alive. Soulful music at its best. One of the many forth quarter gems that dropped this year.

Non Hip Hop Song: Cam Burning House

The first time I heard this I paid little to no attention and thought it was an older song. It was something about the melody that made me think that. Didn’t know anything about Cam but “Burning House” is the only reason I copped Untamed.

Day 5 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year 2013

Hip Hop Album Of The Year: Killer Mike and EL P: Run Your Jewels

This album is just gritty underground shit. EL P has had success doing these kinds of projects but with Killer Mike it just seems more natural, like therapy or something. No compromise at all, the way the cover makes you think gutter, the album is just that. New York and Atlanta connect nicely here.

Hip Hop Song Of The Year: Common: Congratulations

Common shows why he is still one of the more thought out MC’s in the game with a story of a wedding day of his homie. The story goes all over the place and yet still keeps you hanging on every word. The cool thing is the “Testify” twist that unlike “Testify” the hint of what the outcome was thrown in the song. From the beat to the singing at the end this song is a dope calming treat.

Non Hip Hop Album: John Legend: Love In The Future

When the first single dropped featuring a not good sample of “Mr. Big Stuff” and Rick Ross looming over the song I figured the album would suck. To my surprise it didn’t, it wasn’t the best in his catalog but it does bring back what made John Legend the man for a minute in the music game.

Non Hip Hop Song: Jake Owens: Anywhere With You

This country song is a nice thought of how much you’re willing to be with someone. This was my personal theme song when we were going through the places to move to, I was like anywhere will do as long as it’s together. To make things better in this case while going to get the U Haul truck the song played, when we first hit the road while looking for a station to listen to the song was playing. My girlfriend would stare at me as if wanting to ask how do I know this song and do I like the song? I’ve said it before Country music this year tapped on the door of my life at this time.

Day 8 of what I thought was hot this year 2011

Hop Hop Album: Talib Kweli Gutter Rainbow

gutter rainbow

It’s Kweli, that’s all you need to know. There’s a receptiveness to Talib Kweli but he always does just enough to make each album it’s own venture. Gutter Rainbow has a much funkier sound to it, sometimes louder than I would thought a Kweli album could be. Still this album gets it’s message across and that’s always the point for those who have a message to bring.

Hip Hop Song: Nas Nasty

Yeah this and ‘B Boy Stance” are really throwback singles of the year to me. It felt good to hear Nas kill it on some old Nas shit. Don’t get it twisted this really is Hip Hop in it’s truest right here and it always take Nas to bring that shit to the forefront. I don’t listen to radio so I don’t know if this had the same impact on radio “Made You Look” did but I know all the mix shows I listen to did keep this in rotation for awhile.

Non Hip Hop Album: Lady Antebellum Own The Night

Lady Antebellum Own The Night

Well let me explain how I even thought about getting this album first. I heard “Dancin’ Away With My Heart” on some weekend program and thought it was dope. From there I checked the album and never heard of this group before that day. The plus side this is just their third album so I’m not that behind. There’s a Country Rock vibe that is just unavoidable and I personally wouldn’t want to try to at all. It makes the band really sound good and different since the two genres aren’t really brought together well without one having to be totally compromise one of them, mostly the Country music. Own The Night is a solid album and if this is your kind of music it’s a must have. I’m just starting to listen to the first two albums.