Is Tamron Hall Walking Away From The Today Show A Good Look?



For some strange reason, slow news week I guess, everyone is either talking about Beyoncé or LeBron and Barkley beef or Tamron Hall leaving NBC. The news broke last week and no one really card. Maybe because it’s now February and the time slot once held by Hall and Al Roker was dominated by the them, beating out Kelly Ripa, will be no more come fall. The question isn’t was Tamron Hall right for leaving but where was the noise about a show with high ratings being cancelled? As of today , Feb. 2, no one is really upset about what happened. Sure we could blame it on Trump and how his ties with Fox got Megyn Kelly removed which resulted in Hall leaving. This is just showbiz 101. The money and that was reportedly offered to Hall should have kept her happy.

The unintentional inconsideration shown by NBC is on display here. Two Black co host consistently winning their time slot are supposed to be okay with being replaced. The lack of respect that morning news/talk shows het is at play here as well. Had Hall been the his of the evening or prime time slots the uproar would go from reasonable to ridiculous faster than President Trump could tweet a response to anything he doesn’t agree with. Then you think of how the news was presented to her, right before Hall went on air. Imagine being told you’re doing a great job one week and then to have someone tell you you will be replaced another week. To Hall’s credit she kept it classy.

I have only seen the show here and there but from reports she as a person takes her fan base to wherever she has gone with the confines of NBC. One could only hope that those who spent ten years with her on the Today Show will follow her whatever she lands a gig. Loyalty and appreciation is something that keeps many people afloat in the world of television. Look at Skip Bayless, he took his talents somewhere else and currently is crushing the former show.


Déjà vu in the Late Night Talk Show world

Jimmy Fallon photo Fallon2_zpsb32857b5.png

There are rumors everywhere about who will move where once Jay Leno leaves as the host of The Tonight Show. One thing I have yet to see is anyone stating that we’ve been here before. Remember 2010 when Conan O’Brien took over The Tonight Show for that brief moment. Well Jay Leno got the itch and then found a way to jerk to Conan out of his earned job. Fast forward and now Jimmy Fallon is the guy to sit on the throne Jay Leno stepped away from three years ago.

Jay Leno could make another comeback and the third time may not be the charm. Leno isn’t the first to leave and want to get back in the game and be at the top of the mountain, Jordan, Ali, Magic, Sugar Ray Leonard and Jay – Z have done it. The difference is When Leno came back he completely screwed Conan out of a job and a chance to prove himself in the big game. The Tonight Show is the grand daddy of Late Night Talk shows. Letterman wanted the spot lost out and is now over at CBS. Fallon should keep the history lesson in mind, not that Leno couldn’t stay away the first time but that when people go up against Leno NBC rides with Leno and the other guy is somewhere else battling for second place. If Fallon was smart he would work something in his contract that Leno can’t get bored and want to come back again, don’t even allow another piece of shit pre news and Tonight Show talk show. When 2014 comes Leno leaves for good.

NBC dropped the ball with the Olympics


Now that the Summer Olympics or, as NBC was presenting it the “Water Sports Olympics”, are over I can fully be honest… They fucked up. From the opening ceremony to just the coverage of the Olympics in general and the commentary, the damn commentary, things just never clicked to me. I heard and seen a few times I cared to glance at the trending on Twitter about the #NBCFAIL, so I see I’m not alone in that thought. Look I understand the achievement of what Michael Phelps did, hell I wouldn’t have cared if NBC was following his every move as to not miss out on anything but every water sport got the special treatment. Hell even Beach Volleyball made the primetime slot over Boxing. I saw Boxing and Wrestling on the NBC Sports channel. When did any form of Volleyball and Water Polo become more popular than Boxing, Wrestling and Soccer?  I saw all the Soccer games that NBC showed during the morning hours when most people would be working or late at night on the sports channel.  Yes I had more than a problem when it came to what got placed in the NBC primetime slot.

The fact that we as Americans had the results in real time thanks to the news reports to even watch some of the events weren’t even that compelling at all.  Most of the time NBC didn’t even give all the highlights just the ones where the Americans athletes won. That really had to change when the Track & Field portion took center stage as America did good but it wasn’t like we owned those events. It felt like if NBC could get away with not showing certain events where Americans didn’t medal they did  Call it bias, and I’m sure other countries did the same thing, or just chalk it up to NBC feeling people didn’t want to know about every event. So if I knew someone in the Weight Lifting events I’d be shit out of luck, I mean Archery made it on NBC, network television not a cable channel. Was there some poll on what people would want to see in primetime or NBC in general and all the good stuff fell to the waist side? I Mean I didn’t even see a basketball game men or women and I know I didn’t see a Men’s Soccer game at all.  With that said I didn’t go surfing to the other NBC channels either, mostly because I wasn’t prepared for the takeover of all water events… Yes I’m pissed I saw Whitewater Rafting… Yeah exactly, that got primetime over something like say Boxing.

Maybe things will be different when the Summer Games will be held in Rio, I’m hoping so anyway. With Phelps claiming he will not be in those Summer Games maybe NBC will go back to some sports the average person knows not shit Aquaman and Sub-Mariner would love to see. And no I’m not counting Ping Pong which by the way I had no idea there was a doubles event for Ping Pong. Four people hunting for space on that little ass table sounds crazy and looks just as silly.  Maybe we as Americans were really supposed to go online and watch the events we wanted to, I doubt that since NBC is bragging on their ratings. I feel things could have been a lot better

NBC is doing what?

NBC technical difficulties


“We just can’t get the audience for them. They tend to be a little bit more narrow and more sophisticated than you want for a broad audience.”

–        NBC president Robert Greenblatt

I figure its not new news now that the Thursday night lineup NBC has will be gone after next season. I never understood how a network that seems to have nothing but viewer loved comedies can’t find the numbers to back them. The Office and 30 Rock both had to deal with those years NBC was truly in cut back mode and both shows felt the blow, damn Heroes and all the effects needed for that shows first season… Parks And Recreation suffered from being a knock off of The Office most of its first season so many people didn’t even give it a chance at first, yes I’m in that boat. The thing is the show did find its own footing but it just didn’t help rating wise. Then there is Community which I enjoy and have been saying is a good show since the first season.  It doesn’t help matters that things were ify about the return this year.

NBC has also canceled Awake. That must be what NBC specializes in, get shows with an out there premise and good writing, put it out there and then cancel it at some point to tease viewers. I’m lost on why that is, Chuck was saved by Subway and people who love and like the show will admit it is a different show than what it started out as. Again the return of Chuck was less of a NBC thing and more of the viewers who love the show as well as Subway being a major sponsor.

At this point I’m really getting tired of watching good shows that will get the axe while How I Met Your Mother is a hit? What NBC wants is that audience, you know that audience that likes those CBS shows. So how does sophisticated comedy appeal to a “broader” audience? It doesn’t which means if anything NBC will return back to the days of Friends which was nothing new at all and just seem to catch fire at the right time in the 90’s. It’s sad when the President of a network it saying the shows on the network he is running are too smart and or different for the “broader” dumber viewers out there so those shows need to be replaced with dumb shit. You can’t blame NBC it is a network channel not some random but cool cable channel with hidden gems that you luck up and find yourself watching like when I found myself watching The League one night, it was like six shows back to back.

If there is anyone to blame it is network television because cable has so much more to offer and if network television just tried to be bold maybe things would catch on. The problem isn’t these shows aren’t good it boils down to ratings. Many shows have done extremely well due to syndication and a few have even grabbed a second chance because of that, remember Family Guy anyone? NBC is concerned with the now and as of now the more “sophisticated” comedies aren’t gaining traction rating wise. We can blame Hulu and Netflix or the fact that cable channels show those same shows an average of fifteen times in one day, sometimes you’re able to catch the same episode on two different channels. So yeah if I just wait it out my Monday through Friday will have me caught up to speed with one of those NBC shows, more so 30 Rock and The Office. Still it is a sad time when you have to dumb down in order to have people watch your network. So does this mean the Rainn Wilson spin off show will be dumbed down or has the idea been scrapped all together?

Saturday Night Live – You Can Do Anything – Video –

Saturday Night Live – You Can Do Anything – Video –

While not doing shit at all Saturday Night I found myself switching back and forth between SNL and some movie. While going back to SNL I saw the You Can Do Anything sketch. You know how comedians tell jokes about a certain kind of person and when the laughing seems low and weak they get the crowd back by saying something like if you’re not laughing I must be talking about you. I wasn’t blown away by the sketch but totally got it. With that said the laughter really wasn’t there and it wasn’t because it wasn’t funny because it was. It was just I think it really hit the crowd awkwardly because maybe just maybe a few of those there that night fell in the lame category of people the sketch was making fun of. Every Joke has a kernel of truth to it and you could have made a bucket of popcorn with all the truth this 4:28 sketch.

Embarrassing Americans: Politricks backfired


Politicians manipulate facts all the time, tell you what they want you hear or focus on a small thing and turn that into the main issue. It’s something all politicians do no one is exempt when it comes to that. Another thing politicians do, Republicans do this more often than Democrats, is manipulate facts to scare people. We know this trick, remember “weapons of mass destruction”, “death panels” and how the terror alert seem to raise during the presidential race in 2004. Well Michelle Bachmann was looking to add her own scare to the mix.

During the debate she blasted Rick Perry for making it mandatory for all young females to HPV vaccination inTexaswhen he was governor. I get that, anything mandatory is something republicans are totally against for some reason. Which like I said was more than a fair shot because people should have to choice in that case as told by a republican that limits it to those vaccines not other things like abortion. Where things got crazy was the morning after when Bachmann claimed she was approached after the debate by a mother who told her the HPV vaccine caused her daughter to become mentally retarded. Out of the blue this is now a debate again but this time for a different reason. Going online looking her comment up I came across sites now looking into the claim.

The thing is the more this becomes an issue the more this may mess up Bachmann credibility. Doctors are speaking on that statement not politicians. This isn’t political anymore, it really wasn’t anyway it was just again a scare tactic. Now Bachmann has spent this week trying to explain herself instead of focusing on the other candidates in the primaries. It’s easy to pull scare tactics on politicians or another country where the leader is seen in video clips looking angry or insane. This was about medicine and science something Bachmann admits she’s not an expert in. So now what you hear and see are doctors coming out against Bachmann. She may be able to take on any politician slinging mud at her but this is out of her field. Medicine deals in research facts not opinions.

It’s funny watching the clip again I wonder who even believed her in the first place? Then I started to think about those who are considered republicans, you know the people we love to imagine when we think of what republican is. The redneck, gun shooting, ultra Christian who hates big government, gays, minorities, mandates and seem to be scared of change is the picture I and many other people come away with. Well republican voters hate that depiction and I can get not wanting to be thrown into a stereotype. I can’t help but wonder did Bachmann also sum up the people of her party the same way? I mean to feel that those who consider themselves republicans would hear that and be appalled and scared of the possibility of retardation for their daughters, nieces and sisters could have been the goal. It’s kinda saying those people aren’t willing to look anything up and search for facts and will just believe what she is saying. So what’s more disrespectful, outsiders grouping voters together because of several examples that are more visible or an insider who is looking for your votes expecting you as a republican voter be that ignorant and give into fear without thinking logically at all?

Tracey Morgan you are now a star

tracy morgan

Man it’s been along time since the hustle man role Tracy Morgan played on Martin as well as his resident token black guy on SNL. With the success of 30 Rock comes the burden of having shit he does get viewed with a different scope.

This shouldn’t be important to anyone because comedians say out there shit ALL THE TIME so I will try to be brief and move on to real shit to talk about. So Tracy had some really fucked up jokes about gays, children being gay and everyone is bent out of shape why? It’s a joke. Trust me even Bill Cosby has some jokes that by today’s standard can make him look bad. It’s Tracy Morgan if there are any comics in the business you really wouldn’t take serious he’s one of them. It’s not like he was at a bar drinking and then these comments came out or around friends and someone told the press the views expressed by Tracy Morgan. What’s crazy is if you followed his career he may have said that joke a few times here and there, so why is it a big deal now?

I’m not saying that people (GLAAD more specifically) shouldn’t be outraged and on their high horse about this, I’m saying it’s a joke. No one has heard the whole routine to hear the build up or end of the joke yet, is there some audio of the whole routine out there? So what can a fucking comic say now? I mean yeah Morgan stabbing his son to death for speaking in a gay voice is crazy but I’m sure people were laughing. When Carlin got to his no such thing as God routine I’m sure people were offended, Hell Carlin had a joke about doing crazy shit to some young girl who’s family sends Christmas letters out every year no one screamed in outrage. Comedians push the line all the time, they tap on our warped sense of humor, it’s a guilty pleasure to laugh at things in that setting you couldn’t laugh at other wise. To take offense because yes gay bashing is still a big thing in many places in Americais understandable but to really make such a big deal out of this is crazy. So would Bernie Mac have to not do the routine of his sisters three children that he took care of if he was still alive? That routine is classic and even got Mac a television show. That routine also claimed the only boy was gay and the funny stories of him being gay, yes he didn’t say the kid would get stabbed but I’m sure there were more harsh shit said in certain cities that didn’t make it in The Kings Of Comedy film.

Craziest shit is as Morgan and Tina Fey and even NBC are apologizing for the gay comments, do we get a public apology to his son who the comment was made about or do we as a people understand that Morgan is a good farther and his son was the vehicle for the joke? You would think stabbing his son would be as big of an issue as the gay thing, he said he’d stab his son… Come on people where is the outcry for justice on that fact alone? I’m not seeing child welfare jumping down Morgan’s back and it was his son that was going to be stabbed to death, maybe they understand it was a FUCKING JOKE. Again Tracy Morgan you’re a pop celebrity now if you didn’t know at first, so choose you words wisely from now on.