I Don’t Believe Chrisette Michele Is Bridging Anything But She Should Be Planting A Flag


“My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us.

I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain.

This country has had great moments. God has shined His light upon us.

Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation. I am willing to be a bridge. I don’t mind “These Stones”, if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless.

I am here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about what matters,”.

I am here, representing you, because this is what matters.”

– Chrisette Michele

That was the open letter to fans and Black people in general. There’s no denying that Michele’s words are sincere, it’s the recent past of Trump that makes any  Black  person that even remotely  seems to be hearing him out look a like “coon”.

Let’s get beyond the whole “bridge” talk and get into that fact Chrisette Michele will be performing at Trump’s inauguration. What will she wear? What will she sing? Protesting from the sidelines mean nothing, the media will spin whatever happens  into something they can control. If Michele uses this opportunity to do something significant no one would know anyway. She could fire a  subtle shot letting the Trump administration know that Black  people are watching and want, demand  and deserve respect. Do I think she will just take the money and sing whatever Trump and his family wants, this is me thinking that Trump has no idea about Chrisette Michele’s catalog and just needed a Black female face to show up. The fact that she accepted the invite there isn’t the issue, what happens with the opportunity is. I’m all for a Beyoncé Superbowl Halftime controversy, that overshadows the night. Do I think this will happen? Not at all but I also don’t think her career is over. Fans will be mad for awhile and then move on. Trump is Trump, he has four years to either show his true colors or keep up the ignorance, that is unless it isn’t an act. People will have forgotten about this by the summer unless some diva wants to beef with her over Twitter and bring it up. We as Black people have to wait and see what happens the next day or Monday.


This week’s Documentaries To Check Out

When The Levees Broke

Spike Lee out did himself with this truly honest documentary. It’s the kind of thing where it had to be made and you had to hear from the people who lived through it all. Many documentaries are out about Katrina and what happened in New Orleans but this gives you ever angle. From black people to white people, politicians and media coverage. So much went on and so many lives were lost for no reason at all.

The Seven Five

I heard about this documentary from an episode of The Combat Jack Show. From there I went and hunted it down on Showtime. The life of Michael Dowd, a former NYPD officer who was completely corrupt, plays like a crazy movie. It’s truly the stuff people make shows about, the stories they told were like lost seasons of The Shield. Money and Power corrupts and this documentary proves that point.


Reel Injun

This documentary examines Native Americans in film. One crazy thing you learn is the more popular people weren’t even Native Americans at all. The fantasy or stereotype of the savages with feathers in their headbands. A deep look at the lives and lies surrounding a civilization.



This week’s Documentaries To Check Out

The Art Of Organized Noize


First off I have to shout out the Flavor Unit, who I haven’t heard from in years for putting this together. I know when i speak on pre Crunk South music ie Atlanta the production of Organized Noize is the highlight. The documentary explores the beginnings of one the most unique crew in Hip Hop. They were the Bomb Squad of the south. This a must to check out for those into Hip Hop and good music.

Dawg Fight


I didn’t see the Kimbo Da Da fight but I’ve wacthed this documentary three times. The third time was the when it hit me how it reminded me of the stories mandingo fighting slave owners put together. The plus side is that brothers were using hands and not guns to settle whatever. The story of course is as much about Da Da 50000 as much as it is the backyard fighting the fighters featured.



The documentary follows Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in 2012. This in depth look shows the Mitt Romney that could have defeated Obama but being a politician and following the traditional political angle Mitt lost.

EPA Stands For Environmental Protection Agency

I’ve watched more than my share of campaign ads against the EPA leading up to Tuesday that I had no choice but to realize that people in Kentucky watching and listening to these ads like the “real” people in the ads have no idea what EPA Stands for. I’m sure if someone explained to people what the EPA does then there would be a real conversation to be had. It’s easy to slam the EPA when you have no real clue how the EPA actually work or what it is that they do. With that being people do hate the EPA and yet complain about what is and how isn’t helping anyone.

It just makes me mad because I watched campaign ads from Kentucky and the whole topic is about how bad the EPA is and how great coal mining is. With all the technology we have in the world why does it feel like mining is something that still deserves to be barbaric? Doctors perform surgeries with smaller more effective tools and don’t have to literally open you up to do so. Why isn’t it anyone’s obligation to make mining safe? I’ve went on before about all the things the EPA watches over and to put it blunt, it’s OSHA for our country. It makes sure America is safe from water to air to environmental regulations. How that is a bad thing is something I just can’t understand.

How Far Right Is Too Far

You know when you think people can’t stoop any lower than they’ve already stooped?  Well The GOP primary candidates have shown there are levels that are lower than people know and they’re willing to go there. Cruz, Jindal, Huckabee and supposedly Carson have agreed to speak at some conference next month. No big deal right? Wrong , well depending on your views on gays. The conference is organized by some far,far far right wing nut job named Kevin Swanson no relation to Ron Swanson.

This guy has issues with girl scouts… Girl scouts. Some how girl scouts promotes being a lesbian. Not sure where that idea comes from and I’m sure if I took the time to listen to his reasoning I’d laugh my ass off, I may walk away from it completely disturbed. Even the Frozen movie is under attack for endorsing the lesbian lifestyle. I can only wonder if he watches Once Upon A Time and is the reason the show side stepped the love triangle of Milan and the sleeping beauty chick. Swanson is totally on some anti gay movement which is fine, but once you start talking about killing people you’ve crossed a line. How does a pastor even begin to have those kinds of conversations with anyone?  We all dislike something and or something about a person or people, having prejudices is one of the worst aspects of being human. With that said it takes a special kind of hatred to openly plot mass murder. Swanson wants to stone gay to death.

The problem isn’t Swanson or those who follow his every word but the republican presidential candidates that are cool with showing up at some function put together by Swanson. How much does acceptance really mean when men who have aspersions of being president are content with alienating a population of people who lives have been openly threatened by the organizer of an event they’re a part of. Is all of this to say gays have no rights, and not be allowed to roam freely in America without wondering if someone will follow through on threats made by Swanson? Each candidate has to know that the talk will focus on being anti gay. So far it feels like the only hate group that can’t get republicans to come to a get together are the Klan. It’s one thing to attempt to misdirect people with The Tea Party, now thanks to the high pole numbers Trump is receiving being hateful is acceptable. Hispanics being beaten, the imaginary war blacks are raging against cops and pastor who think gays should be stoned to death. All of these are views and actions approved by republicans who are running for president. Nothing is more upsetting and scarier than knowing the leader of the best country in the world is willing to openly turn his back against citizens who don’t look like him or agree with his views. Even W.Bush and Reagan played the game while using coded words, no the keep it 100, no PC rule is in play. It would be nice if republicans flocked to groups that didn’t harbor hatred and were about truly making this country great again.

Jeb Was Supposed To Be The Smart Bush

“people should work longer hours”

– Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush made himself look completely out of touch with the common American after that comment. After that comment Bush then tried to expand on the comment to put things in context. The problem is Bush still looks out of place because jobs aren’t just giving full time work out to employees, some jobs have cut back their hours over the years. So even if people were willing to work more than forty hours the place of employment will not allow them to. This all goes back to not blaming the employees but challenge the employers. The wage debate will always be there, if you shift the focus to hours, guaranteed forty hours you may be able to downplay the not wanting to go the living wage route. Even then it all comes to down to pay. There are people in households where two or more people work full time jobs and making ends meet still are a major task. Some people work a full time and part time job and barley stay afloat. Even good paying jobs are quick to cut hours because the pay is so good, all of that evens things out. The part time hours and high pay balances out things for a decent paying job and full time hours. If what Jeb said is the thinking within The GOP the party is in trouble.

Immigrants Will Not Destroy The GOP, What They Stand For Will

Pat Buchanan, the great pessimist, believes that the generations to come from immigrants, meaning diversity, will be the end of The Grand Old Party. What he fails to see is that the average person is conservative at heart. It’s the work hard and be independent mind set that may keep people of color in the party to begin with. No one thinks government handouts are good, to have a fair and balanced pay scale to live is something you’d think everyone is for. Where the Republicans mess up at is the continuation of white washing the party by playing on racism and by pandering to that closed minded factions. Republicans are open about their racism and have been since Obama took office, those immigrants of color who outnumber white or what is considered white immigrants will and have seen that as a target on them as well as African Americans. If the last two Presidential elections haven’t taught them anything one would thing third times the charm next year. It seems the more middle ground Republicans are now going further right to please the base which doesn’t connect with the country as a whole, and looking to have people of color and women saying those same extreme right views do not make them the message more mainstream.

I get the gay thing, some Americans are still against that. I get abortion and welfare. I get being tough on Immigration. It’s the flat out racism I get lost on as well as the need to not want to raise the federal minimum wage or address why school are being closed and prisons are being built. The second and third generation immigrants will have a better understanding of US politics and grasp the code words and see past the smoke screen and that will sway their parents and grandparents votes. The country is becoming a diverse place and the more The Grand Old Party tries to keep it old money country club white and convince the working class and poor white people they have nothing in common with working class and poor people of color the party will dwindle sooner than later. People look to support themselves and their family and hope their children will benefit. Watching politicians from The GOP whore themselves out to billionaries and closed minded Christians doesn’t appeal to everyone. The GOP has to cut the strings of their puppet masters and truly rely on the people who vote. If they find that even ground where it’s not over extreme they can easily get undecided voters as well as a few Democratic voters. To say immigration will kill The GOP and not look at what the party has become is sad. Maybe one of the Republican candidates will step up during the primaries and appeal to those in the middle and that will spread throughout the party and change things. If not the party will see a Democrat in the White House for another four to eight years.