Run DMC suing for tradema


Word has it that Run DMC is suing many companies including big dogs WalMart and Amazon for trademark infringement. This makes sense given the fact that many stores sell merchandise with a band’s logo on it. One has to wonder if people even considered that using any band’s logo was a sign of trademark infringement? Moving away from the big companies and just speaking about the small sites that sell merchandise and those shorts are a major seller for them,does this make those sites look for the proper way to go about things or just continue until they’re caught?

what this ultimately does is now turn band branding into the jumbled mess a band’s music is in. At this point if Run DMC chose to watch shows and movies and charge those studios for wearing shirts with their logo they could. Professional sports do it all the time, same thing with sneaker companies. Why wouldn’t bands be allowed to do the same thing? Would such a move detour bootleggers from selling shirts with logos on them? Not at all, people are still selling bootleg albums, some people are selling mixtapes on Amazon which are nothing more than greatest hits collections. I hope Run DMC opens a door that should have been opened long ago, and would have been if record labels thought they could profit off trademarks as much as they do with music of the artists.


People Hate Kim and Kanye because of their interracial relationship…NOT

Kanye had some weird comments about the hate he and Kim gets here.

I’m not sure when Kanye West chose to live in a bubble or really think his life was so important to think people were and may still be hating his relationship because of race. It’s 2014, look around Kanye isn’t John Prentice from Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. You go almost anywhere in America and see an interracial couple, except for on television, gay couples galore, black dude white chick not so much. Who is he referring to as haters, those in the pop world? Seal and Heidi Klum were fine, he was a recording artist and she had an actual career, was a model. Could on for days like that, bringing up names of couples and not really hear any complaints about their love being bashed due to interracial issues. Maybe Kanye needs, wants, prays it’s about race. I’m sure he has cut off friends and associates because of Kim.

I know people seem to be less hateful and more annoyed Kanye has turned to Captain Save A Hoe, Kim has been married before and between time has been around stars like ultimate groupie she is. How has no one in his camp brought that up to him is still confusing to me. Then there is the the fact Kanye and Kim are D list celebrities that are desperately seeking to A listers status and do anything to be that. Kim is famous for being famous like Paris Hilton was at her height of pop status. The difference is it dawned on Paris she’s rich, she’s old money rich, fame doesn’t match up well with wealth. Kim’s hood notoriety come down to who she’s been with. So she has no real career in the world of entertainment unless you count that sex tape. Kanye’s career isn’t doing too well with his music. For some reason they see themselves on the same level as Jay Z and Beyonce, that isn’t happening. It isn’t a Lebron Jordan , Bird Magic comparison, this is like 1994 Illmatic and Ready To Die and then every other Hip Hop album of that year, Kim and Kanye are those other albums. Kim is trophy wife, arm candy who wants to be so much more but doesn’t have the skill or lack the motivation to build on that want of being more than an Instagram celeb,, Kanye and her show on E! separate her from the countless name brand Instragram chicks who have some web fame because of their body. Kanye has found himself on the Kardashian circus bus and is losing his identity. It’s easy to play the race card and it’s Kanye so there’s a story there whether it’s true or not or true to him. Kanye and Kim know how to stay in the public eye, this is just another example of that. Kim is shallow as hell, and Kanye is too but Kanye is talented and is an ass so he gets a pass on being whatever and however he is. At this point the media likes them because they seek out the exposure, the average person is tired of them, again look at Hilton and Nicole Richie. Nicole is a media darling to a certain degree because it is now rare to see her in the news. Once Kim and Kanye stop throwing themselves in the paparazzi’s face then the hate will die down.

No love for Lil Miss North West?




How crazy is it Kanye West album dropped around the same time Kim gave birth to their daughter? Oh, hold up wait, had induced labor to give birth to their daughter? I figure they figured they had a small window to capitalize on the birth and naming of North West before real royalty took all their shine away. All this week, today is the 5th of July, the mainstream media has been telling the world that the world is ready for the birth of a Prince. If you weren’t being updated on that you couldn’t avoid the Zimmerman trail. Kim had her baby, named her baby and now she can’t even get TMZ to help put her back on the hot topic table of discussion in mainstream media. To be fair the only ones that even care are those gossip magazines, TMZ and sites like Yahoo that report anything for the sake of reporting. It’s sad that when the child that is North West looks back at her life, pre birth, she will come to see her mom was a groupie who became famous for being a groupie with a big ass and her dad had or may still have have one of the biggest egos on the planet, and then she will see she was a publicity stunt that didn’t turn out right. I remember seeing people on Facebook talking about how Kim and Yeezy weren’t Jay and Beyonce, at first I paid it no mind but now it really is what it is, they were trying to keep up with the Carters. People were happy Jay and Beyonce had a child, way too happy if you ask me, but happy none the less. Outside of TMZ no one really cared about North West, it made the rounds because it had to not because people really gave a damn, I’m sorry she has the screen name of a One Direction number one fan on the most important fan site the group has. There aren’t people busting down the door to buy pictures or some juicy, or not so juicy story from a hospital worker, none of that is happening right now. Kanye is out making sure you buy his album and Kim is making sure her show gets ratings, celeb parenting at its best right here. Hopefully North West will do something on her own to have us pay attention to her since wanting attention is in her blood… Then again never mind I hope not, I hope she fades away in obscurity like Michael Jackson kids did, and have a nice somewhat normal life.. I can dream can’t I?


Embarrassing Americans: Did we forget how pregnant people loo

star cover photo starcover_zps020e9434.jpg

It seems like the people in the world of gossip tabloids have no idea about the pregnancy process. All the cover stories deal with the weight gain of Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy. If you look at the cover of the Star magazine you see how that magazine wants to really put the point of weight gain through to the reader or average person standing in line at any store that carries the magazine. The before picture is totally photoshopped. Look at her body closely and you see the biggest thing on her in her 120lbs Kim is her head. Her boobs and ass have been slimmed down, and that is to enhance the perspective that she is getting bigger. If the pictures of her aren’t enough the quotes from Kim Kardashian herself makes things worst. It’s one thing when these gossip tabloids point out the out of shape celebs at the beach., but when they are really pounding the weight gain in your face there is a problem. Looking at just the cover Kim Kardashian weight gain is the most important thing going on right now. A person who became a celebrity because of a sextape with Ray J. years ago is bigger news than the actual talent in the magazine.

Let me get back to how the world of logic got lost on Kim Kardashian. Did we as a country forget that when a female is pregnant know that there is a living life inside the female so when she is gaining weight and eating more she is also feeding the baby inside her? Well I know conservative right wing anti abortion nuts didn’t but I’m sure they’re not giving shit about Kim Kardashian, they’re getting their protest signs together for the same sex marriage debate. The strange yet cool thing is there are some people who have taken to defending Kim from all the tabloid talks. Of course it doesn’t help when there are quotes from Kim herself about her weight issues and there aren’t motherly at all. This is nothing more than a case of not having Teen Mom news and what real celebs are hot right now just aren’t worthy of the coverage. I mean on the same cover there is The Hunger Games chick at a strip club smoking as if that’s strange for a young woman. So it seems until Kim has this kid this will be the news we will hear about for months even after the kid is born. I hate media.

Snoop a Jafaking?

Snoop Lion photo Snoop-Lion_zpse3c6d124.jpg

Snoop is without a doubt one of the only if not only artist from the 90‘s who has lasted this long and has dived in to the flavor of the month shit and still kept his credibility, remember he was auto-tuning before it even became the shit to do and we loved it. Well Snoop jumped into one thing too many this time. Bunny Wailer, an original Wailers member, is taking offense to Snoop Lion and his whole Reggae Rastafarian lifestyle.

I personally don’t see a problem at this point really. I think the real issue comes when Snoop grows tired of being a Reggae artist and chooses a new direction and moves on as if Snoop Lion never existed. Reggae is an extention of the Rastafarian religion, so when Snoop does stop making the music will the lifestyle too fall by the waist side? What’s really crazy is as Americans we dictated which Reggae stars blew up in America, even if they were and are the top dogs in Jamaica. Shaggy was big for a moment then with his English being good and music becoming more pop than Reggae, we as Americans left him alone. Reggae hasn’t been big in America for awhile even when Reggaeton became big, pop culture and Spanish people fucked with it harder than African Americans did. One would have thought Snoop could have helped bring the music back to the once popular place it was back in the day. I for one I grew up listening to Reggae and Dancehall music and it just doesn’t command the same audience it once did back in the day. If Snoop had brought Reggae back to mainstream would there even be any issues about Snoop Lion? To know if Snoop is just playing the part and looking to expand his brand is hard to say, I haven’t even tried to listen to Snoop Lion at all. The only way to know for sure if this too is phase Snoop is going through is wait for the next Snoop album and see where he goes with it.

George Lucas did what???

Lucas and Mickey

Just off the top of my head I will admit I’m not for this  news that made headlines yesterday  George Lucas sold his Lucasfilms to Disney for over 4 billion dollars. The main question is why?  Lucas owns, used to own, a franchise that even as he goes back and tinker with it, it still seems to hold up well by the sells the releases generate, and that franchise is Star Wars. Now Disney owns Marvel and the Star Wars franchise as well as Indiana Jones.  It is reported that Lucas wants to go back to being a student As if that’s impossible while owning his films.

I for one get the bitter sweet feeling of the news and still hate the fact that it has happened.  It can be said Lucas is running the iconic Star Wars franchise in the ground with no new films and a cartoon that isn’t exactly good. The criticism Lucas got was never about the fact he wanted to do more films to continue the legacy or even the going back and adding shit to the original films, it’s the fact Lucas has really never done much past Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  If there was more to judge Lucas by then this wouldn’t look so foul, yes I think this whole sale has something to with the fact all Lucas has is Star Wars. Being honest I blame a good portion of this deal on Red Tails… Yes I said it. Look Lucas had to battle the big boys to get Red Tails out there, he lost, in turn he put his own money into the film from film budget to marketing. Then add the fact the film was somewhat panned by the critics and people didn’t check for it in theaters  they’re not even checking for it on DVD, hell I don’t even know if the film is out on Blu-ray and DVD and that’s my point… People really didn’t care about the film, even African Americans. The deal with Disney feels like an if you can’t beat em join em type of deal.

So now Disney owns Two classic properties and things can only get worst. The news is there will be a Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 with the first film coming out in 2015. Giving how bad Disney fucked up John Carter one would think it really isn’t a good idea for Disney to be trying to continue the franchise.  The bright side is if any company knows how to milk the fuck out of old films it is Disney… How many for a  limited time out of the vault films have Disney re-mastered?  Hopefully this move works out for a franchise that doesn’t need new films but it would be nice to see something that expands the story and mytho of Star Wars.


Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson and I should care because?


There is something to say about the celebrity gossip hounds when it comes to Hollywood couples, when you’re happy you’re not interesting.  There is a long list of couples that once they’re about to break up or one of them cheats then you’re reminded that the two people are a couple. The newest couple to fall in that world is now Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. So it is now pop culture news that Twilight star and not that good of an actress Kristen Stewart cheated on her onscreen and real life boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Stewart was caught earlier this month with director Rupert Sanders who was the director of Snow White and the Huntsman which she starred in. There were shows doing polls on whether or not Pattinson should stay with her or let her go as if those votes would really come in consideration by Pattinson as he more so has to deal with the fame aspect of all this more than the actual relationship itself. I figured this was old news and people would have moved on by now, but I was wrong. It could be because the Stewart and Pattinson are a real life couple who play a now married couple in a movie franchise so there lies real drama. Ok I really don’t know why people are so into this story.

So is it safe to say maybe it is better that Bella cheated on Edward with a human? I mean she was in a movie with Thor, yeah Edward is immortal and the new take on vampires in the Twilight saga make them cool but Thor is a God… A God. I’m sure if a God went at a human girl who obviously has issues with human boys because the dudes in her life aren’t normal men, one is a werewolf and her husband is a vampire, a God from another galaxy is some next level shit. Hell maybe Bella is a better actress than anyone thought she was if Edward never knew Bella was looking to break up with him. Yes Bella has gotten with a real human who is married by the way how the marriage of Sanders is affected isn’t being brought up. I’m not a fan of Bella, I don’t think she can act or is hot by any stretch of the imagination. Bella lucked up and got a role in a movie that was a popular book. You throw any chick in her place and the franchise would still have been where it is now. With that said will this turn the diehard Twilight crowd off and the last Twilight movie suffers at the box office? I’m sure nothing will happen because Twilight is truly a phenomenon that no matter how bad the CGI is and how corny the dialogue is the movie will do well at the box office. Plus if what Bella has done does cause the movie to tank or under preform Summit has flirted with the thought of rebooting the franchise and do it all over again soon anyway. In any event I’m not concerned about any of the people involved in this odd celeb love triangle between real mortal human Bella and Edward. This is not news people, carry on with your obviously empty lives.