Walking Dead Shirts Racist, Real


So apparently in the midst of a slow news cycle these last couple of days a controversy was created. The controversy I’m speaking of is about a shirt. That’s right a shirt. The shirt has a quote from the television show The Walking Dead. The quote… “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

Here’s where it gets strange. The story originally started overseas. Some British person took offense to shirt stating the origin of the phrase. That somehow forced the hand of chain of stores called Primark. How does this become something Americans care about? Simple The Walking Dead is popular, popular is an understatement, it’s a major phenomenon. So of course anything remotely close to controversy about the show becomes news. This however is something that I totally agree with Jeffrey Dean Morgan that ” Holy crap people are stupid”.

I understand the racial component to all of this, I also know that truthfully most people don’t even know that “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” has a terrible history attached to it, Black people included. Growing up we have all more than we can even begin to imagine have used the phrase in games. It was how you picked who would be “it” in any game ending with the word tag. It’s something people still say as adults. Even when people are exposed to the truth behind the phrase no one really stops using it. If anything I’m glad this nonsense came from abroad and not here in America. I personally haven’t seen the shirts that are causing such an uproar but if one of the people Negan killed were Black…. Oh spoiler alert, the show and comic would have been in hot water. This is the kind of stuff that makes the rounds when Trump is having a decent week.


Did R. Kelly Forget About The Winter Of 2002

“Bill Cosby is a Pervert That Belongs in Jail”  “I know a rapist when I see it” 

– R. Kelly

Wow! I can’t believe R. Kelly fired shots at Bill Cosby. It makes you wonder is he throwing shot because unlike Robert Kelly Bill Cosby finally told the truth about his crime or is Robert grand standing because his new fan base has no idea of his underage sex and golden shower tape that almost costs him his freedom and his old ones chalked it up to crazy celeb shit? Bill Cosby won’t be jumping out to ask if anyone will give him a in a song, or even jump in a movie to try and get people back on his side. He definitely couldn’t have held off on court until people forgot and his victims became adults. If you google “R. Kelly sex” right now you can still read all of his 2002 dirt. If anything time has been extremely good R. Kelly so much so that even he has forgotten all about his sex crime. I know he like many other people would say he was found not guilty but people also know that was him in the tape, it’s the OJ trail scenario. If R. Kelly had found him self out there today having sex and pissing on underage girls there would be more than his personal cameras that in fact was R. Kelly. R Kelly would be held as a sex offender, words you will not find attached to any reports from 2002 because that title wasn’t just tossed around lightly as it is now. Bill Cosby drugged women and raped them, R Kelly had sex with underage star struck females, both by the definition of law are rapists. Someone should remind R Kelly that he too is a sex predator and people forgive with time, for some a good album makes them forgive and forget faster.

Was it all a part of The Undertaker’s bigger plan


Wrestlemanina xxx had one major surprise Sunday night when The Undertaker lose his match. Twitter and Facebook went crazy, which proves more people know about wrestling than they’d like people to really know, hell my girl told me. The streak has ended and people were and still are upset. Most of it is because of who broke the streak and that was Brock Lesnar. People feel Brock is just a much of a part timer as The Undertaker is, Undertaker comes out to play around this time of the year and Brock shows up around the time of the rumble then they both fade away.For some people they feel if Undertaker was to lose it should be to a younger guy to help get him over. I personally disagree with that thought because The Undertaker is a legend and shouldn’t have to “pass the torch” or help someone become a bigger star. If anything you’d really come away feeling age has caught up with The Undertaker and if that wrestler isn’t going to be a big guy it wouldn’t be believable. Brock brings a realness to the WWE in general, you never know if he will stick to the script. So when the rumor started to spread Brock broke away from the script then it only means Brock truly wanted to make history on a pretty much predictable night. The Undertaker clearly owned the night with the upset, every other match was secondary. Monday Night Raw focused on every major match but The Undertaker Brock match mainly because it was all over the web. casual fans to those who have only heard of The Undertaker were drawn in because of the significance of the streak and mystic and iconic image of The Undertaker. I feel bad for every other wrestler that night because no one cared about those matches media coverage wise. Maybe the rumor of Brock stealing the win will play out at some point. It has truly given Brock a certain kind of pop as well as reestablished how great The Undertaker is.

I think The Undertaker knew this was the last go round and having to now show up only because of the streak gives him a way out. If he had won then what? We’d see him again next year with someone different, an older guy to have an easy match after the beating he took Sunday night. There is no real retirement for wrestlers, it’s like any other professional sport, once the phone stops ringing you’re retired. Undertaker has been getting the call and this may have been his way of saying bye without all the hoopla that goes along with it. I personally wish the streak was that thing that remained in WWE. Again maybe Brock knew The Undertaker was ready to call it quits and stole the match to have something no other wrestler can ever have. The Undertaker should have stopped at 20, to even make things sound good would have had to have three more years to get that 25 – 0 if he had won Sunday. The Undertaker is no longer build for that, so I’m happy that this could be, and hopefully will be his last match. It was a great run and the streak at times was the selling point of Wrestlemania no matter who was headlining the night fans, WWE and The Undertaker knew that. Whether or not The Undertaker comes back or not, he has been getting standing ovations the last three years and if this was the last time so be it, it was a great run even with this one lose.

Hope Kanye is watching the destruction of Lamar


Thanks to the gossip world I’ve learned so much about Lamar Odom than I ever wanted to know. What is crazy is how somehow he has become the worst man in the world now that Lamar and Khloé Kardashian are done, I guess they’re done, who knows anymore. I do know that the entertainment world and sports world are on two different lines with Lamar Odom. The way gossips shows and magazines speak about him he is just some dude who played in the NBA. I mean he was never Kobe Bryant or even Jason Kidd status but he was the face of The LA Clippers until he went to Miami and then to The Lakers to be Pippen to Kobe’s Jordan. Watching ET and Inside Edition they speak about Lamar as if he was just some NBA player like the dude Kim married, what was his name anyway? To make matters worst the gossip world is so behind on the sports world, they keep showing him in his Laker jersey, He went to Dallas and back to The Clippers in the last two years.

The drug stuff isn’t just tarnishing Lamar Odom’s life but the NBA. The reports are saying he has been getting high on crack for the past two years. So how is it no team doctors picked up on that and or teammates speak up about this. Some how only the Kardashian klan knew of this information. And why crack? He couldn’t be on cocaine or ecstasy, I mean crack is racist as fuck, rich black dude would still some hood drug. So what will the NBA do about all this drug usage talk, distance the league from Odom or play along with the Kardashians and look into the claims and go after a few no names people they’ve caught doing drugs before to look strong on their stand against drug use? Kanye may need to pay attention to how Odom has been made out to be some crackhead of the two years. The story comes off as if she, Khloé Kardashian, who is willing to overlook the cheating but not the drugs. No matter how this plays out this will be a part of Lamar Odom’s life, I can see E! doing a True Hollywood Story spending most of the time on the marriage with Khloé Kardashian and the ups and downs with his addiction since the average person doesn’t know much about him past that. So a decent NBA career will be overshadowed by his brief marriage, if they divorce, claims of being a crackhead. I’m sure Kanye has an exit plan in order in case things go sour and mud starts flying.

And the challenge has been issued


Kendrick Lamar has been one of the few real Highlights of the new dudes spitting right now and now he has officially claimed the crown for this era of MCs. By my account the only MC even close to matching him on the pop rap radar is J. Cole and he was called out as well on the record as well as the host of the song which Kendrick went off on, “Control” by Big Sean. So who will step up to the challenge of stepping up your bars? I’ve already heard a few New York MC’s took issue with the “King of New York” comment but so far nothing from Kendrick peers. The problem is rappers will go out of their way to make a diss track or some slick remark on a song and not take to heart that the point is that MCing is about being on top of your game, if Jay – Z didn’t show the world anything he showed Hip Hop how to make club bangers and radio friendly songs and still be sharp with your bars. Will this have an affect on the game? Not really, even unsigned artists are content with the less said is better approach rappers have become accustomed to.


Hearing a new dude say step it up is refreshing because if some older dude said it the verse would have been tossed to the side as just more hate from bitter dudes who had their time. The cool thing is the fact that Kendrick is popular so MTV and pop sites picked up on the song just as fast as core Hip Hop heads did and now the “controversy” is out on pop culture. is this a verse of the year verse, don’t know, hell I don’t know how deep people hunt for great verses because almost any Black Thought and Joe Budden verse is worthy of that title. With that being said I hope the focus on the verse on the song does fade to back as just a way to get attention and the message doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I don’t care what the topic is just have bars when you spit.

No love for Lil Miss North West?




How crazy is it Kanye West album dropped around the same time Kim gave birth to their daughter? Oh, hold up wait, had induced labor to give birth to their daughter? I figure they figured they had a small window to capitalize on the birth and naming of North West before real royalty took all their shine away. All this week, today is the 5th of July, the mainstream media has been telling the world that the world is ready for the birth of a Prince. If you weren’t being updated on that you couldn’t avoid the Zimmerman trail. Kim had her baby, named her baby and now she can’t even get TMZ to help put her back on the hot topic table of discussion in mainstream media. To be fair the only ones that even care are those gossip magazines, TMZ and sites like Yahoo that report anything for the sake of reporting. It’s sad that when the child that is North West looks back at her life, pre birth, she will come to see her mom was a groupie who became famous for being a groupie with a big ass and her dad had or may still have have one of the biggest egos on the planet, and then she will see she was a publicity stunt that didn’t turn out right. I remember seeing people on Facebook talking about how Kim and Yeezy weren’t Jay and Beyonce, at first I paid it no mind but now it really is what it is, they were trying to keep up with the Carters. People were happy Jay and Beyonce had a child, way too happy if you ask me, but happy none the less. Outside of TMZ no one really cared about North West, it made the rounds because it had to not because people really gave a damn, I’m sorry she has the screen name of a One Direction number one fan on the most important fan site the group has. There aren’t people busting down the door to buy pictures or some juicy, or not so juicy story from a hospital worker, none of that is happening right now. Kanye is out making sure you buy his album and Kim is making sure her show gets ratings, celeb parenting at its best right here. Hopefully North West will do something on her own to have us pay attention to her since wanting attention is in her blood… Then again never mind I hope not, I hope she fades away in obscurity like Michael Jackson kids did, and have a nice somewhat normal life.. I can dream can’t I?


Embarrassing Americans: Did we forget how pregnant people loo

star cover photo starcover_zps020e9434.jpg

It seems like the people in the world of gossip tabloids have no idea about the pregnancy process. All the cover stories deal with the weight gain of Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy. If you look at the cover of the Star magazine you see how that magazine wants to really put the point of weight gain through to the reader or average person standing in line at any store that carries the magazine. The before picture is totally photoshopped. Look at her body closely and you see the biggest thing on her in her 120lbs Kim is her head. Her boobs and ass have been slimmed down, and that is to enhance the perspective that she is getting bigger. If the pictures of her aren’t enough the quotes from Kim Kardashian herself makes things worst. It’s one thing when these gossip tabloids point out the out of shape celebs at the beach., but when they are really pounding the weight gain in your face there is a problem. Looking at just the cover Kim Kardashian weight gain is the most important thing going on right now. A person who became a celebrity because of a sextape with Ray J. years ago is bigger news than the actual talent in the magazine.

Let me get back to how the world of logic got lost on Kim Kardashian. Did we as a country forget that when a female is pregnant know that there is a living life inside the female so when she is gaining weight and eating more she is also feeding the baby inside her? Well I know conservative right wing anti abortion nuts didn’t but I’m sure they’re not giving shit about Kim Kardashian, they’re getting their protest signs together for the same sex marriage debate. The strange yet cool thing is there are some people who have taken to defending Kim from all the tabloid talks. Of course it doesn’t help when there are quotes from Kim herself about her weight issues and there aren’t motherly at all. This is nothing more than a case of not having Teen Mom news and what real celebs are hot right now just aren’t worthy of the coverage. I mean on the same cover there is The Hunger Games chick at a strip club smoking as if that’s strange for a young woman. So it seems until Kim has this kid this will be the news we will hear about for months even after the kid is born. I hate media.