Walking Dead Shirts Racist, Real


So apparently in the midst of a slow news cycle these last couple of days a controversy was created. The controversy I’m speaking of is about a shirt. That’s right a shirt. The shirt has a quote from the television show The Walking Dead. The quote… “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

Here’s where it gets strange. The story originally started overseas. Some British person took offense to shirt stating the origin of the phrase. That somehow forced the hand of chain of stores called Primark. How does this become something Americans care about? Simple The Walking Dead is popular, popular is an understatement, it’s a major phenomenon. So of course anything remotely close to controversy about the show becomes news. This however is something that I totally agree with Jeffrey Dean Morgan that ” Holy crap people are stupid”.

I understand the racial component to all of this, I also know that truthfully most people don’t even know that “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” has a terrible history attached to it, Black people included. Growing up we have all more than we can even begin to imagine have used the phrase in games. It was how you picked who would be “it” in any game ending with the word tag. It’s something people still say as adults. Even when people are exposed to the truth behind the phrase no one really stops using it. If anything I’m glad this nonsense came from abroad and not here in America. I personally haven’t seen the shirts that are causing such an uproar but if one of the people Negan killed were Black…. Oh spoiler alert, the show and comic would have been in hot water. This is the kind of stuff that makes the rounds when Trump is having a decent week.


I Don’t Believe Chrisette Michele Is Bridging Anything But She Should Be Planting A Flag


“My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us.

I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain.

This country has had great moments. God has shined His light upon us.

Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation. I am willing to be a bridge. I don’t mind “These Stones”, if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless.

I am here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about what matters,”.

I am here, representing you, because this is what matters.”

– Chrisette Michele

That was the open letter to fans and Black people in general. There’s no denying that Michele’s words are sincere, it’s the recent past of Trump that makes any  Black  person that even remotely  seems to be hearing him out look a like “coon”.

Let’s get beyond the whole “bridge” talk and get into that fact Chrisette Michele will be performing at Trump’s inauguration. What will she wear? What will she sing? Protesting from the sidelines mean nothing, the media will spin whatever happens  into something they can control. If Michele uses this opportunity to do something significant no one would know anyway. She could fire a  subtle shot letting the Trump administration know that Black  people are watching and want, demand  and deserve respect. Do I think she will just take the money and sing whatever Trump and his family wants, this is me thinking that Trump has no idea about Chrisette Michele’s catalog and just needed a Black female face to show up. The fact that she accepted the invite there isn’t the issue, what happens with the opportunity is. I’m all for a Beyoncé Superbowl Halftime controversy, that overshadows the night. Do I think this will happen? Not at all but I also don’t think her career is over. Fans will be mad for awhile and then move on. Trump is Trump, he has four years to either show his true colors or keep up the ignorance, that is unless it isn’t an act. People will have forgotten about this by the summer unless some diva wants to beef with her over Twitter and bring it up. We as Black people have to wait and see what happens the next day or Monday.

The Combat Jack Show: The Erick Sermon Episode featuring Torae, Deray Mckesson and Netta

Great episode, it starts off with Torae speaking on his radio and kickstarter project. Great episode, this podcast keeps changing and evolving and it’s all for the better.

Superfriends Erick Sermon, Torae, Deray and Netta all stopped by. From hip hop rugs to #BlackLivesMatter, this episode has it all covered. #RaiseTheBar Internets

Justice In Cincinnati

I think he lost his temper because Mr. DuBose wouldn’t get out of the car. I think he lost his temper and when you see this [bodycam video] you will not believe how quickly he pulls his gun and shoots him in the head. It’s maybe a second. It’s incredible, and so senseless, and again, I feel so sorry for his family and I feel sorry for the community. This should not happen, ever.

– Joe Deters

Yesterday the 29th of July something extraordinary happened, prosecutors actually are going after a cop who killed a Black man. All the local channels shit down waiting to see how things would play out. In typical fashion for news program s they spent a good portion of the time reporting how the city was preparing for the worst. The thought of Ray Tensing being convicted must’ve been the furthest thing from the minds of those in charge of the local news. All three channels were talking about riots and so focused on the negative side of how things could get out of hand, that all we saw before Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters say Tensing would be convicted.

Unlike other cities and particularly what happened to Sandra Bland officer Tensing was wearing a chest cam and that made things more clear as to what happened on July 19th. The family of Sam DuBose had been requesting the footage be released since the news broke about DuBose being shot in head. Personally I’m not sold on flat out doing the right thing and even with the footage being out there. Some people still somehow feel DuBose being shot was his fault. Many feel Tensing wasn’t even a real police officer since he was a campus cop. That truth to me makes it easy to convict Tensing. Either way something has happened that so far looks as like  justice for the murder of DuBose. Who knows how things will go during the trail since Tensing will plead not guilty, the jury could feel for Tensing and to be honest if I was him I’d place my bets on a jury.

Rachel Dolezal Is Crazy What About The NAACP

By now you’ve heard about Rachel Dolezal and how she pulled one over on the Spokane chapter of The NAACP, or did she? African Americans are highly upset about all of this and taking that frustration out on Dolezal. It seems justified on the surface, then you realize she has been with The NAACP for years. The story had died down but it still continues to have memes made about Dolezal, and even a SNL skit. This isn’t someone who just got there three or four months ago, we’re talking close to a decade within The NAACP. How did no one even think something was up with Dolezal? Truthfully she wouldn’t be a story if she was some intern that was caught up in blackface. It would have made the local news, a few Black blogs, even a talk show or two and we would have moved on. This became news because she was the president of a NAACP chapter. She was voted in by her peers. How did no one no she wasn’t white? Everyone wanted to hear what Dolezal had to say for herself and yet there is no asking about the Spokane chapter of The NAACP who seems exempt of any foul play at this point. It’s already out there that people have actually met her parents as she claimed her father was her step father, so as her parents I’m sure were saying it was all a hoax, did no one in The NAACP believe them? The fact she had no childhood friends on Facebook didn’t seem odd, hell no old photos of her childhood. We can’t just go hard at Dolezal without asking what part if any did The NAACP have in all of this keeping up the charade. The whole being Black thing started in 2007. I get that something like this doesn’t happen often and the fact she has two adopted brothers who are Black and some older gentlemen was the man she claimed was her father doesn’t make one question her. Is the media and us as Black people afraid to ask The NAACP how they didn’t see past her blackface? What I have noticed while this story had legs and is still a running joke is that The NAACP didn’t really put distance between them and Dolezal. There were no harsh words about her from her chapter at all. Could Dolezal have made the same moves being herself? She has art in galleries, she teaches, or taught at this point, The Black Woman’s Struggle, African and African American Art History, African History, Intro To Africana Studies and African American Culture. Could Dolezal had gotten the respect as a white woman? If not, and I do think she wouldn’t have, maybe just maybe doing the blackface was a safe bet. So far no one is saying she was terrible at her job as a teacher or member of The NAACP. I’m sure many people have had great conversations with her about life as a Black female or just being Black. Would those conversations not have been had if she was just some white chick? Maybe The NAACP had some idea and went all Lois Lane not wanting to see the truth for some reason. If anything Dolezal proves that white people can understand our situation in America, she wrote papers that I’m sure people read and thought they were great and people loved them and were conversations pieces in some groups. Those papers would not be respected if they came from a white female no matter how good they might be. She is totally wrong for pretending to be black but she must not have been that bad of person, so far I haven’t heard anyone close to her or who have been in her company really speak negative about her. Getting mad at Dolezal is normal, spreading that anger to The NAACP should be just normal.

Embarrassing Americans: They will never forget O.J.


oj tude

[The series] is a look at the O.J. Simpson trial told from the perspective of the lawyers that explores the chaotic behind-the-scenes dealings and maneuvering on both sides of the court, and how a combination of prosecution confidence, defense wiliness, and the LAPD’s history with the city’s African-American community gave a jury what it needed: reasonable doubt.

– FX


American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson will be a show on FX from show creator Ryan Murphy of American Horror Show fame. This show will be like American Horror Show where it’s a one season run of a one story plot and the next season will be different. It’s crazy to me how the first season will be the O.J. trail. There is such a obsession over O.J. and the verdict that has America holding on to anger about this case. I’m also lost on how we as people really have no idea what happened that where two lives were taken yet we’re still calling O.J. a murderer. We do know Zimmerman murdered an unarmed teen and we do know police officers killed two people in two different cites and those incidents came to head the last few weeks. People are still talking about a case twenty years later but are asking Black people to get over fresh cases. I feel that if people can find a reason to resort to grand jury transcripts of Mike Brown’s killer Officer Darren Wilson non indictment then those same people need to inform others still holding on to the O.J. verdict to move on. The fact that Ryan Murphy knows the ratings that will come with season one from the O.J. case shows the selective process of what is considered important to mainstream America. People can hold conversations for weeks about what they feel went wrong in the O.J. trail and how sick they felt after the verdict was read after all these years. The news of the show has already opened the door to talking about how O.J. is a killer and how angry people were and still are. I’ve seen people commenting about how their parents went crazy during that time and they grew up knowing O.J. was guilty and how it was a major mistake in history. The cases in the last two years will be swept under the rug there will be no one passing down the anger in mainstream America for Zimmerman or Officer Wilson. There are no Zimmerman sightings since he was willings to get in a ring and box for charity.There is no major outcry for justice on the behalf of Treyvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and the other young black people senselessly killed over the last two years that will leak into generations to come, no one brings up Amadou Diallo and he made the cover of Time. Those stories become lost in history. We only know of Emmett Till story because of the picture and as Black ppeople we love to compare that situation to anything dealing with Black teens. The O.J trail is viewed as the major flaw in the American justice system while in the last two years we’ve have seen a nice amount of people walk who have taken young black people’s lives. I hope season two is about Zimmerman or some similar type of case, not the BTK Killer case or the Zodiac Killer mystery or any other pop relevant cases. The shows first season feels like race baiting and opening an old door that was never fully closed or locked.



While listening to The Corey “Life” Pegues ‘From The Streets To The Beat” Episode of The Combat Jack Show on my way to work it started off with a quick apology about the “all we got is us” quote that seems to have really been in play since the Chuck D episode. It seems some white listeners feel alienated over the quote because it is a “black thing”. I’m not Combat Jack or anyone on his show so I can truly say get over it. If you’re upset because a black man is saying that it still feels like we as black men are targets and has embraced a quote that embodies the way many of us feel then get over it. To even feel left out means it’s more about you and less about the situation. It shows a lack of understanding. It’s not all good for black men in America and some white people feel since Obama is President things are different and or black men are over analyzing things. Maybe I took the apology too personal because I felt offended that people took offense to it. I’ve heard things on the show that gay people could take offense to, so unless I’ve missed the episodes where there are apologies to many of the over the line conversations “all we got is us” should be left alone.

I’m glad The Combat Jack Show has found a lane that has shifted gears a bit and opened the door to the talk about the problems in our community. This has been a nice summer for the show. A sense of integrity after the second Dame Dash episode has forced the average listener to view the show differently. Everyone interviewing Dame after that Combat Jack episode hasn’t even tried to expand further on what was said which is why people come away thinking Dame is bitter , because he saying the same thing he with Combat Jack and the butchering that goes on in editing cuts down the real conversation being had. The sites and bloggers are looking for hits and Dame is letting people know he’s still here, win win I guess. What no one has done or even debated amongst themselves on a podcast or blog is Joie Manda. His interview was the very next week after Dame’s on The Combat Jack Show, that’s unheard of in the gossip world of the internet. There was no drama as both men told their story or side of the same story so much so that Joie Manda even agreed that he may have crossed a line by giving Dame’s number out. Radio shows are about the drama, Vlad is about the drama, the blogs are about that drama which makes it hard for facts and just a real dialogue about whatever to be had.

Listening to the Cormega episode Combat Jack starts out talking about how the recent events have pushed him to a point where we as Black people have to do for ourselves and stop waiting for a “Black leader” or just outsiders to help. Maybe that kind of talk makes non black listeners feel uncomfortable. If that is the case why not open a dialogue from a non Black perspective? Complaining that Combat Jack understands that he is reaching a wider base of listeners without compromise due to some company over him who has to worry about advertising is sad. Rush Limbaugh has a all we got is us message everyday. His message is filled with hate and feeds off of fear and loyalty to him and there is nothing constructive at all coming from his talk show. I salute Combat Jack and I truly think if it was “too Black” then Premium Pete would say something. If there is something wrong with the recent turn the show has taken it is that there’s a feeling that young people in their early to mid 20‘s and younger aren’t listening. Why would a 20 something listen to a show where Dame Dash is calling Lyor Cohen a “Culture Vulture” ? My personal opinion the average rapper on BET is a culture vulture. These newer guys aren’t going to go and speak about the current state of Black men because then the conversation shifts to music and content and most of these artists aren’t even thinking about the impact their words have, it’s about money for them. If someone takes offense to “All We Got Is Us’ then they should build on it from a constructive place not some place of feeling left out. All we have is us, if you can help by all means include your support, if you don’t then it still falls on us as black people to solve issues affecting us. If you’re still upset about it and feel left out then the problem is truly you. Salute to Combat Jack for keeping 1000.