Rapsody: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

In a movement of showing love to Rapsody, who dropped another great album today, Laila’s Wisdom, go download and support REAL HIP HOP and just great music, I thought I’d post this Tiny Desk Concert. On another not I think I have too many commas in that last sentence. I get at my kid about that all the time and now I’ve done it. Life




Gregory Porter: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

I will admit as much I was and still am a listener of NPR I still find myself coming across stuff from them that is totally new to me. Tiny Desk Concert is one of those things. While going through things on Youtube, completely out of boredom waiting for game 2 of the NBA Finals to start, I saw Rapsody’s Tiny Desk Concert. Thought it was dope and then saw that this man had one as well. I’m Gregory Porter fan and feel his sound is needed in music.

July 18, 2016 by BOB BOILEN • Gregory Porter’s healing soul music sends a message of compassion, and he’s got a baritone voice that resonates love. When Porter visited NPR, we’d just learned that our colleague, photojournalist David Gilkey, had been killed while working on a story for NPR in Afghanistan. When Porter began singing the calmly beautiful “No Love Dying,” he may not have known how much it would mean to us. Yet this song of compassion and hope, from his Grammy-winning 2013 album Liquid Spirit, was just what we’d needed.

Porter and pianist Chip Crawford continued their thoughtful, entrancing set with “Take Me To The Alley” (the title track to Porter’s new album), a song about how we treat and think about those who live on society’s margins. Closing this Tiny Desk concert is “Don’t Be A Fool,” another new song of love, loyalty and trust. For us, Porter’s set provided a timely reminder that we can all use comfort, counsel and guidance — and that music can be serious and heartwarming without losing its sense of wonder and delight.

Set List:
“No Love Dying”
“Take Me To The Alley”
“Don’t Be A Fool”

Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men [OFFICIAL]


I saw this one night and being honest I have no idea what is going on in this short film. It looks great, it looks better than some movies I’ve seen, so why aren’t these guys doing something bigger? The fight scene is crazy.Read the description below about the film.



Based upon DRAGON BALL Z created by AKIRA TORIYAMA
Original Soundtrack: http://apple.co/23Nxsuo
Sous-titres FRANÇAIS disponibles – Subtítulos ESPAÑOL disponibles – Legendas PORTUGUÊS disponiveis – Sottotitoli in ITALIANO disponibili – 日本語字幕 – 가능한 한국어 자막 – Napisy POLSKIE dostępne – VIỆT phụ đề

The World isn’t like it’s supposed to be.
Something happened along the way.

With these words TRUNKS reminds himself the arrival of CELL, the loss of his friends and his training for combat.
While he knows he doesn’t have any chance, he will try to make the difference and bring back the lost hope.
This Fan Fiction was born from our desire to adapt DRAGON BALL Z into a film, while adopting a
dramatic and realistic approach.
THE FALL OF MEN is set in different future, inspired by characters of the DBZ saga, this untold story pays tribute to AKIRA TORIYAMA’s universe

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#TheFallofMen on Twitter !

Former MTV/BET Producer Exposes The Music & TV Industry: Shocking Confessions (Full Video)

That Boondocks episode so close to the truth it makes you wonder if Aaron McGruder or someone who worked on the showed were in those meetings. This brother knows he had a hand in poisoning a race forget the Hip Hop culture, BET has destroyed the minds of a race of people while “entertaining” them. I’ve been saying BET was the non Black owned corner store with high prices and out of date shit. You roll with it because it’s in your area and your people deal with them whether right or wrong. BET is all Black people think they have and even TV One and VH1 Soul and Centric trying to give something different they feed you the same shit as BET because it gathers viewers. Something has to give and even seeing will not turn people from what they know and see as the only place for them

Wayne Brady: Every Little Step Video

While waiting for the Oscars I watch Comedy Central and they were showing  Chappelle’s Show, which is still just as funny over ten years later, yes ten years later. One Episode was the one where Wayne Brady took over because Dave left the show.My girl was all over the fulfilled prophecy of the episode. Still you have to give it up to Wayne Brady for being a funny dude who understood the way he was viewed by African Americans. All that brings me to say while on Facebook someone had this video posted in a group I’m in and it was from Funny Or Die, I personally have never found anything funny that I’ve come across on the site at all. This wasn’t funny as much as it was fun to see everyone involved having fun including the King of R&B himself.


The new pay for play is in online promotion

 photo networks_zps38b09400.png

One night while on Facebook I saw a person’s status bragging on being on a Coast2Coast mixtape. Now I know it’s not just a submit your music if we like it we’ll rock it format, that no longer exist unless you’re already an established artist, so I checked into Coast2Coast mixtapes.
For off Coast2Coast Mixtapes are major players in the mixtape game, they get established artist to host them and known DJs in the mix. The fee is $20 to get your track on a mixtape. Yeah, I checked into it and even as I type this out I’m considering getting a few tracks on some mixtapes. My issue is the fact I know what I do and what is popping aren’t the same thing which had me google grinding.

One thing you find is everything is for sell, EVERY FUCKING THING. You can buy Youtube views, Twitter followers, Facebook band page likes, mixtape downloads and of course blog love. Yeah to have that major Hip Hop blog post your soundcloud, bamdcamp or youtube link you have to pay something if you’re an unknown artist. Yes, the fees aren’t expensive at all but it’s a lot to go threw when your music is garbage. What doesn’t seem to happen is some kind of feedback on your music. Right now it is a cash grab for companies knowing how many artists are out there and knowing that image is everything. DJs know this because even now they have been charging a healthy fee to host a mixtape. That out of most of the angles to get exposure I think having a DJ host your mixtape may be the best one. The name of the DJ alone will get you out there better than the options dealing with getting views and listens.

Speaking of views and listens, why would someone even pay for such a thing? Ok, I know why but if you’re video has 34, 899 views in less than a week and only eight comments all by people who know you, the high number means dick. Same thing with a bunch of likes on a page yet there are little to no downloads on that mixtape. I get the object is to LOOK as if things are rolling but if real people aren’t listening to your music or downloading it the people you’re paying to get you those likes and views won not you. The music game is beyond competitive, there are billions of unsigned indie artist looking to grab listeners ears and attention. The sad fact is you have to spend money to get that attention you seek, but no one can guarantee you people will like your music and in the end isn’t that the real reason you’re spending money? It is known fact people pay for exposure, it’s the only way to make a lane for yourself in the market today. The problem comes in when paying to get on the mixtapes or get certain artists on tracks and DJs to host your mixtape and it sits there doing nothing. No hype about that song featuring so and so or produced by so and so. No hype about the mixtape hosted by so and so. No one is searching your music out after hearing your song featured on a mixtape. Again with all the sites willing to help boost your ego with likes, followers and views not one is helping go beyond that. Everything is in play for that particular release not your career in general.

Melanie Fiona Covers Ironic by Alanis Morissette

The great talent that is Melanie Fiona covers Ironic by fellow Canadian  Alanis Morissette for Billboard’s Candid Covers presented by Nikon. Yeah I’m not a fan of Billboard at all but I like the music these two ladies  Melanie Fiona and Alanis Morissette bring and Ironic is that personal classic so I had to check the video out.