This Week’s Documentaries To Check Out

Facing Ali


First off R.I.P to The Greatest to ever do it Muhammad Ali, this documentary talks to tose who fought The Champ. It’s a different kind of thing, you hear the build up to the fights as well as a glimpse in the lives of those fighters, it’s something a bit different but truly needed in something like this. The stories all intertwine mainly because Boxing at the time was filled with great fighters all looking to become the champion and that’s in both eras that Ali fought. It’s a compelling film and to be honest I’m not sure if this ever came on SpikeTV because I rarely go to that channel, i’m not sure it’s around or if I have it here in Cincinnati. I saw it on Amazon and bought it. Great film.

That Guy … Who Was in That Thing 1


Well first off before there was a sequel there was only this documentary, and it was insightful. You see a nice amount of people who are always in movies and on television but are rarely the star, yes a few of them may be main characters who have a major chunk of screen time but are the stars. The documentary explores the life of a regular actor in Hollywood and the wage gap and just career struggle to find a gig in the world of entertainment.

That Gal… Who Was in That Thing: That Guy 2


Of course I’m going to give you the sequel, why wouldn’t I? This time it’s the ladies turn and in turn you hear how much things are totally different when it comes to females. They speak on ageism and type casting as well the perception of females who speak up for themselves. It’s all the same stuff the first film gave you just with a bit more faces who if you watch television you’re shocked that these women aren’t more established names. Every women has been on shows I’ve seen and continue to work, yes I get it that you may not know or even remember their names but the fact that they all have seem to land themselves in good shows that keep their faces recognizable is cool.




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