Did the NBA change the foul rules?

nba logo
One thing I’ve noticed this playoff year is how inconsistent the foul calls are in the NBA. Kevin Durant was called for a charge when LeBron James went for a shot. Now Paul Peirce was doing the same exact thing against The Heat and was getting the calls his way. Hell there was a play where wade drove to the basket and went to the line and three angles were shown and you couldn’t point out the foul in that case.  There was a foul after a pass on a heat player at one point, an offensive foul away from the ball that came off like a very late whistle on the other end when it looked like Haslem fouled someone. A technical foul was called on Scott Brooks for being upside about the out of bounds call going against the Thunder just have it overturned but the technical was already called.

I’m not getting what’s going on, it would be easy to say ESPN and The NBA want The Heat to win. I really don’t know if I’d agree with that theory when it comes to the foul calling. It seems that this year there is no real common ground on foul calls. Not sure if there is a bit of star power going on and some players get away with fouls like LeBron on Durant in the last seconds of game 2 or if it is just some refs over eager to call a foul? I really don’t know. I do know it makes the games more interesting and a bit sad when the game does come down to phantom fouls and calls on plays that should just be allowed to play out like when Battier got a blocking foul in the first half.  I hope these Finals aren’t going to really boil down to what was or wasn’t called.


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