Who is really following Sarah Palin?

sarah palin

Once again we see, with our nation in crisis, President Obama stands by and does idly nothing while an injustice is committed here in this glorious nation of ours. It’s almost strange that the president has not yet made one statement on the issue of the death of young Caylee Anthony. Why the strange silence, Mr. President?

-Sarah Palin

While reading a blog it was noted that Palin had that that comment on her facebook page. Now keeping your hand in pop, in the moment, current affairs is cool but to throw jabs at the president for not addressing this silly shit is dumb. Yes the Casey Anthony aftermath shock and outcry is dumb. Like I said yesterday locally you can find people doing the worst shit that aren’t making it national headlines, get over it.

I’m not sure what anyone of the republican presidential hopefuls are getting out of even mentioning the verdict? That you’re in tuned with those who have nothing else better to do with their time than to cry over a case they have no real attachment to? If the president of the United States was to even have a comment about this, especially Obama, we’d be wondering why he isn’t doing something more constructive with his time. It’s easy for Palin and the other GOP talking heads to sit around and tweet, facebook update and make television appearances about the verdict, their job is to be in the media for all it’s worth so you know who they are. I would be pissed if any president made a statement about the verdict. I’m not a fan of the Super Bowl, Final Four, BCS predictions that the media asks the President. I’m not cool with winning teams of college and major sports going to the White House or the opening pitch shit either. When I see or hear old clips of Reagan quoting pop culture references of his time I get this weird nauseating feeling. The president shouldn’t have shit to say about any case unless it deals with our country. Yes to speak on the trail of Jared Lee Loughner is a given but Casey Anthony? Why not hire a staff of people to find fucked up cases where the defendant was found not guilty and make a fuss everyday? Anyone wanting to hear what the president has to say about this is looking for a fight. Like I said before if he had spoken out before Palin gave a half ass jab she and other would be wondering why is he even speaking on the subject, plus whatever he says won’t be good enough anyway.

I’m concern more about those who liked the comment by Palin really. 12, 429 people liked it?  What could be in their minds? Are people so against the man (Obama) that no one even gave a fuck about how silly her comment was and the fact that she flipped it on Obama like he should say something? Palin is going to have her loyal followers like Bush did and Obama does, yes some people are truly behind Obama hoping for the best. I’m not upset about that, the fact Palin comment became a story in itself is what throws me off. Now she’s getting her comment out to those who don’t follow her and aren’t really into her games. Now her comment can in a smaller way become a discussion in itself. It’s happened already I saw 5 blogs where her comment along with others is a stand alone topic. Maybe she was looking for attention and those who liked it just like anything she says. I’ve been to her facebook page, she’s boring as fuck to me which is surprising the way the media follows her every step… Maybe I had the wrong page and I’m too lazy to put real effort into finding her more exciting page. That sounds good I will go with that reasoning for now. If this is how Palin plans on getting peoples attention and showing she’s in the fabric of what’s going on in America maybe should try daytime televison, I’m sure her ratings will be hard to beat. I can’t front I’d watch the show if it was to happen just see what she’d do next.

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