John Boehner got a wake up call

John Boehner plan b

All week John Boehner was so sure that his “Plan B” was a good idea that he had nothing to fall back on. For some reason Boehner must not have understood the blow Obama dealt the Republican party not just Mitt Romney. President Obama won a second term as president despite doing everything wrong if you let Republicans and some CNN shows tell it. The game has changed, the hold out, American hostage mind set The GOP has had the first term as of now is put on the back burner. The Democracts have done their job, they’ve sold the theory of taxing the rich. You know things are different when even Tea Party candidates had to fall back from “Plan B”, Speaking of The Tea Party movement where are they? I don’t watch Fox News and so far CNN, the one channel that for a brief moment was looking to kind of be all on The Tea Party’s traveling bus hasn’t really been stories about them from what i can tell. Yes John Boehner got punked. He was so strong in just saying this was an all or nothing thing and figured if nothing happened t would blowback on Obama. Polls show people feel that The GOP should compromise and if things were to go bad in the meetings and nothing was to do get done the fault would be on The GOP. Things have changed now that Obama has been re-elected and even  people who may hate him for whatever are now listening and want to fix the problem since he isn’t going away anytime soon.


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