Expanding Live At The Oasis


It’s almost been a year since i repackaged Live At The Oasis show on Blogtalkradio, and it’s been a good run. I’m looking to expand the show to an hour at the least, not really looking to max out with a two hour show. I would love to do a live show, completely live from the mix to just interacting with listeners, but I also know people listen when they get the time so whether or not it’s a live mix or not doesn’t really matter. With that said i do want to interact with people who listen to the show. With that thought in mind I’m thinking I may connect with people on Skype, and make the mix to give a fresh feeling to it once I upload it on Blogtalkradio. I’m also going to try and get a video up of me while mixing and even have an extra ten to fifteen minutes of unedited stuff. Not sure if Youtube allows people to do that but I do know I have to acknowledge I don’t own the rights to the songs I play. I’m excited about taking this next step and taking Live At The Oasis to another level. Most of the videos would be for Beats & Bars Friday. It would be cool to also play unsigned artist and even build with them on the show about their project or just music in general. Not sure when all of this will take place, it will be once school starts and I’ll have quiet time to really get it in with no interruptions. Until then if you’ve check the show I hope you enjoyed what you’ve heard so far, and if you haven’t just go here and listen to show.



While listening to The Corey “Life” Pegues ‘From The Streets To The Beat” Episode of The Combat Jack Show on my way to work it started off with a quick apology about the “all we got is us” quote that seems to have really been in play since the Chuck D episode. It seems some white listeners feel alienated over the quote because it is a “black thing”. I’m not Combat Jack or anyone on his show so I can truly say get over it. If you’re upset because a black man is saying that it still feels like we as black men are targets and has embraced a quote that embodies the way many of us feel then get over it. To even feel left out means it’s more about you and less about the situation. It shows a lack of understanding. It’s not all good for black men in America and some white people feel since Obama is President things are different and or black men are over analyzing things. Maybe I took the apology too personal because I felt offended that people took offense to it. I’ve heard things on the show that gay people could take offense to, so unless I’ve missed the episodes where there are apologies to many of the over the line conversations “all we got is us” should be left alone.

I’m glad The Combat Jack Show has found a lane that has shifted gears a bit and opened the door to the talk about the problems in our community. This has been a nice summer for the show. A sense of integrity after the second Dame Dash episode has forced the average listener to view the show differently. Everyone interviewing Dame after that Combat Jack episode hasn’t even tried to expand further on what was said which is why people come away thinking Dame is bitter , because he saying the same thing he with Combat Jack and the butchering that goes on in editing cuts down the real conversation being had. The sites and bloggers are looking for hits and Dame is letting people know he’s still here, win win I guess. What no one has done or even debated amongst themselves on a podcast or blog is Joie Manda. His interview was the very next week after Dame’s on The Combat Jack Show, that’s unheard of in the gossip world of the internet. There was no drama as both men told their story or side of the same story so much so that Joie Manda even agreed that he may have crossed a line by giving Dame’s number out. Radio shows are about the drama, Vlad is about the drama, the blogs are about that drama which makes it hard for facts and just a real dialogue about whatever to be had.

Listening to the Cormega episode Combat Jack starts out talking about how the recent events have pushed him to a point where we as Black people have to do for ourselves and stop waiting for a “Black leader” or just outsiders to help. Maybe that kind of talk makes non black listeners feel uncomfortable. If that is the case why not open a dialogue from a non Black perspective? Complaining that Combat Jack understands that he is reaching a wider base of listeners without compromise due to some company over him who has to worry about advertising is sad. Rush Limbaugh has a all we got is us message everyday. His message is filled with hate and feeds off of fear and loyalty to him and there is nothing constructive at all coming from his talk show. I salute Combat Jack and I truly think if it was “too Black” then Premium Pete would say something. If there is something wrong with the recent turn the show has taken it is that there’s a feeling that young people in their early to mid 20‘s and younger aren’t listening. Why would a 20 something listen to a show where Dame Dash is calling Lyor Cohen a “Culture Vulture” ? My personal opinion the average rapper on BET is a culture vulture. These newer guys aren’t going to go and speak about the current state of Black men because then the conversation shifts to music and content and most of these artists aren’t even thinking about the impact their words have, it’s about money for them. If someone takes offense to “All We Got Is Us’ then they should build on it from a constructive place not some place of feeling left out. All we have is us, if you can help by all means include your support, if you don’t then it still falls on us as black people to solve issues affecting us. If you’re still upset about it and feel left out then the problem is truly you. Salute to Combat Jack for keeping 1000.

The Combat Jack Show: The Corey “Life” Pegues ‘From The Streets To The Beat” Episode

Retired NYPD Deputy Inspector Corey “Life” Pegues’ life is a movie. No cliche. Growing up as a young gun in the crack riddled NYC borough of Queens, Life was one of the best soldiers of the legendary and most notorious Supreme Team street gang. Life talks his introduction to crack, the gun fights and the murders, and the moment he decided it was time to join the biggest gang in NYC, the NYPD. Listen as he takes us through the Dinkens to Giuliani to Bloomberg regimes, what Stop and Frisk really is, and what the fvck is really going on with the war that the police across the nation has seemingly declared against the nation’s people of color. We also get some expert analysis on The Abner Louima, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo and Michael Brown cases.

Bonus: Dallas Penn, fresh off his honeymoon, stops by like if he never left.

Swagger Wagon Get Hate For Being To Close To The Truth


Apparently “Black Twitter” is upset over the video for a new ride from Toyota called the Swagger Wagon. You can see the video below but still here is a quick description, a middle class White family is rapping about the car and everyone is dancing like chicks on Youtube doing those Souljah Boy and Doug E dances. Even on the Youtube page you can read people talking about how embarrassing the video is and or how white people suck. Personally I think the video is pure satire like that Korn video back when Diddy had Hip Hop acts wearing those shiny suits. I also think people upset haven’t been watching television lately because there are many commercials doing the same thing as Toyota in regard to having Hip Hop all in the mix.

If this video doesn’t looks right to you it could be because there are no half naked big booty woman and the men aren’t throwing cash at the camera. There isn’t anything different from this video or song, since it is truly a whole song, than what I can hear from established signed artists. Is the song too G rated? I can tell you artist rap about items all the time, Run DMC gave the world “My Adidas”. The average rapper can have sell anything just from a phrase, hook, a scene in a video or the album cover, so why not take the same approach like Toyota did if you want to sell your product? To say the song sucked and the bars were weak is meaningless when people are quick to tell you Iggy Azalea got bars and Trinidad James and Tyga are top ten MCs. If you are considering calling the song and or video trash you have to hold that same judgment for any video BET throws out there. We can’t call a car company out for making a mockery of Hip Hop but allow actual artists to do the same thing with no criticism/given at all. It’s easy to play the race card because the people in the video gave the whitest of white people act for the commercial. It’s not about race, and if “Black Twitter” really gave a damn they’d acknowledge the problem starts at home. If there is anger towards Toyota there also should be anger at every record label and radio station and BET as well as any websites promoting the same ignorant garbage music that gets played every hour on the hour of every day. If I worked for Toyota I’d put a statement out saying the song sounds no different than what’s on the radio. Who’s going to argue with that? From the beat to the hook down the lame singing it was all straight from any song on airwaves now. I understood the May J Blige Burger King song about chicken thing, but when you’re blasting “Bugatti” by Ace Hood or “Maybach Music” by Rick Ross it sounds foolish to be mad about a Swagger Wagon. Toyota showed people just how stupid the average Hip Hop song is and even the fans if the biggest complaint is about white people.

The Poor Door Isn’t About Segregation It’s About The Lack Of Self Respect


In New York a thirty three story skyscraper was approved for two doors with one being dubbed the “poor door”. Where does the “poor door” come from? The skyscraper on the Upper West Side of Manhattan are Condos with housing units for the middle and lower class, about twenty percent of the units are restricted for that. Of course this has causes a bit of a problem in New York but truth is nothing will happen at all. One reason, the main reason is the two doors are mandatory from a legal standpoint. Where it gets crazy is just how things break down within the building. Just from fuss one would think all the cheaper buildings are on one side of the skyscraper.

The segregation talk automatically comes into play and of course the race card is waiting to be dropped as well. The problem isn’t about segregation because airlines segregate people, have been doing so for decades. Same can be said for resorts that have cheaper rates and hotels different from the more expensive hotels. This isn’t new, it’s something we as people agree to for the sake of enjoying ourselves and not going broke. The issue here is it’s where people live. We as a people can overlook such unequal treatment when it’s brief situation, to live at this skyscraper and have to deal with such a alienating thing day in and day out is different. Some people have said they’d be willing to go through a different door if it meant they lived on the Upper West Side and to know there are very successful people in the building. People will be willing lessen their self worth for less important things, a place to live is one people lessen themselves for all the time with the jobs they work to make ends meet. Life is compromise but to just accept having a door just for poor people is insane. The fault falls on those who drew up the blueprint for the building. I lived in a tower type place that had two doors more so for the wings of the building. How couldn’t that be the case for this skyscraper or is having doors on each wing of the building a thing that would cheapen the look of the Condos? As long as there will be people who are fine with having a separate doors there really will be no need to fix this problem. What will end up happening is more building will go up and whether or not Bill de Blasio wants to rewrite the building code the fact remains those cheaper units in that skyscraper will have people living in them in due time.

The Combat Jack Show: The Chuck D Episode feat. Keith Shocklee


I feel back on this because once THIS dropped everyone was posting it, and rightfully so, Salute Combat Jack and Premium Pete for


Internets, this is such an honor.

It’s been few years of me trying to get the legendary Chuck D on The Combat Jack Show. It took current events, plus the Freddie Foxxx episode to make this happen (thank you Bumpy!). How do I even describe this 3 hour long discussion with Chuck D and Keith Shocklee? Def Jam, Hot 97, Dr. Dre, N.W.A., Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, Marley Marl, Flavor Flav, Eric B and Rakim, COINTELPRO, Run-DMC, the Bomb Squad, the dearth of diversity on rap radio… so much knowledge.

What I’m walking away with is how we have the power to control how we’re perceived in this culture. And how we have to stop making excuses. Now. Ladies and gents, we present to you, the Episode Without A Pause.