The Combat Jack Show: The Bobbito Garcia Episode Feat. Guest Host Jean Grae



When I met Bobbito back in 1989, when we were both interns at Def Jam, I never imagined dude to be facing such an illustrious career. Basketball, official #Shoemanati, a&r, label owner, author, actor, filmmaker… we talk about the origins of MF DOOM, his history with kicks, memories of the legendary Stretch & Bobbito show, his documentary ‘Doin It In The Park’ … man this is too much. PLUS Jean Grae sits in as a guest co-host. Is she gonna be a permanent feature??? Tune in.

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You can’t bash The NBA and work for them at the same time


@nba Danny Crawford just blew a goaltending call and cost the Mavs a game. We will all be awaiting your apology. #pathetic

- Sean Heath @theseanheath

Dallas Mavericks PA announcer Sean Heath got in trouble for being a fan first and employee second. Heath was upset with a no call that may have costs The Mavs the game and then he took that frustration to Twitter. It’s life now, we all do it and people do it about their job, sometimes while at work these days. In some ways that’s completely understandable when people tweet about how they feel about any game their watching. The problem is Heath works for the NBA and they’re not just letting this fly, even more so when you send it to The NBA’s twitter account you’re asking for trouble. To me that is where the line was crossed and Heath being suspended came into play. Maybe if Heath hadn’t addressed The NBA the tweet wouldn’t have been a major deal. It isn’t like it was some stunt because he has a small humble following on twitter, again just fan speaking his mind. I understand suspended the guy even if I don’t agree with it. I think most people understand why it happened and may not agree with it, to be honest I didn’t think that could happen, if the team didn’t handle it I figured it was over. Players speaking on the game on social media happens all the time and some players being pissed about calls happen too. Most of the time players try not to blame refs and that keeps them out of trouble with The NBA. The NBA does have a problem and that problem is the people think The NBA is fixed. Unlike any other time in recent history The NBA feels scripted. Players throw that kind of talk around during the playoffs and it doesn’t help the rumors. I stopped watching The NBA for awhile and then started back regularly last year just to watch The Heat make it to The Finals and end up winning. Just watching those Heat games I felt the games were rigged, The NBA has to figure that out, not punishing someone for telling the truth. The NBA more than any other sport can be manipulated and not calling or calling goaltending or charge or blocking foul doesn change things in a game. Even as The NBA comes out and says the call was missed the win lose column is already filled out and will not be changed. Those types of announcements are worthless. How about suspending the refs for bad games, give fans something to hold on to. Right now it seems like Heath is punished for speaking his mind, which he is, he should have not called out The NBA, should have said his peace and moved on. Address the issue would be a better look for The NBA.

Was it all a part of The Undertaker’s bigger plan


Wrestlemanina xxx had one major surprise Sunday night when The Undertaker lose his match. Twitter and Facebook went crazy, which proves more people know about wrestling than they’d like people to really know, hell my girl told me. The streak has ended and people were and still are upset. Most of it is because of who broke the streak and that was Brock Lesnar. People feel Brock is just a much of a part timer as The Undertaker is, Undertaker comes out to play around this time of the year and Brock shows up around the time of the rumble then they both fade away.For some people they feel if Undertaker was to lose it should be to a younger guy to help get him over. I personally disagree with that thought because The Undertaker is a legend and shouldn’t have to “pass the torch” or help someone become a bigger star. If anything you’d really come away feeling age has caught up with The Undertaker and if that wrestler isn’t going to be a big guy it wouldn’t be believable. Brock brings a realness to the WWE in general, you never know if he will stick to the script. So when the rumor started to spread Brock broke away from the script then it only means Brock truly wanted to make history on a pretty much predictable night. The Undertaker clearly owned the night with the upset, every other match was secondary. Monday Night Raw focused on every major match but The Undertaker Brock match mainly because it was all over the web. casual fans to those who have only heard of The Undertaker were drawn in because of the significance of the streak and mystic and iconic image of The Undertaker. I feel bad for every other wrestler that night because no one cared about those matches media coverage wise. Maybe the rumor of Brock stealing the win will play out at some point. It has truly given Brock a certain kind of pop as well as reestablished how great The Undertaker is.

I think The Undertaker knew this was the last go round and having to now show up only because of the streak gives him a way out. If he had won then what? We’d see him again next year with someone different, an older guy to have an easy match after the beating he took Sunday night. There is no real retirement for wrestlers, it’s like any other professional sport, once the phone stops ringing you’re retired. Undertaker has been getting the call and this may have been his way of saying bye without all the hoopla that goes along with it. I personally wish the streak was that thing that remained in WWE. Again maybe Brock knew The Undertaker was ready to call it quits and stole the match to have something no other wrestler can ever have. The Undertaker should have stopped at 20, to even make things sound good would have had to have three more years to get that 25 – 0 if he had won Sunday. The Undertaker is no longer build for that, so I’m happy that this could be, and hopefully will be his last match. It was a great run and the streak at times was the selling point of Wrestlemania no matter who was headlining the night fans, WWE and The Undertaker knew that. Whether or not The Undertaker comes back or not, he has been getting standing ovations the last three years and if this was the last time so be it, it was a great run even with this one lose.

How I’m still in Love With Robin

I had to watch How I Met Your Mother’s finale a few times before I really thought about speaking out. First off I have to say Hulu sucks, Hulu Plus is great but Hulu sucks. Anyway, I still came away with the same feeling I had when I first saw the last episode and that was disappointed. Now that How I Met Your Mother is officially over it’s safe to say that the last season was all hype. So many people speculated that there would be a second half of the season to truly get to know Ted’s wife, the mother of his children. You’d see the wedding, get a glimpse of the married life and see how the mother interacted with crew. The last season should have focused on that according to all the TV know it alls. It didn’t at all though andf that really made this season an even bigger waste of time.

What happened was a focus on Barney and Robin’s wedding and there to me lies the problem. Ted was never really the main focus and even with all the hype around who could be the mother this whole series is based on. Somehow Barney became the star and the fact he and Robin really clicked truly made them the stars of the show. In a strange way it feels like the creators didn’t want a Jim and Pam from The Office moment, meaning that relationship truly was the focus of The Office and it was even more evident with the last episode. How I Met Your Mother never let the audience connect with Ted the mother’s relationship. Once the big reveal was given it felt like she got sick and died there was no feeling of sadness involved, this is essentially the star of the show at this point or should be. The writers and creators really trusted that people would just embrace the mother and feel for her. Ted didn’t even feel for her, the show wrapped the mother’s angle up so fast it left things incomplete. To make things worst Ted goes back to Robin, who at one point it felt like she would be the mother even as the show indicated she wasn’t.

I felt like the last 3 to 4 seasons were a wast of time and such a let down. How I Met Your Mother got stuck somewhere and then to have the thought that this would be the moment that would be a major deal with a show with such an ambitious premise where the main character is never part of the cast, it’s the journey to meeting that character and hoping for a nice reveal that kept things alive. It is rare for television to ever show those characters spoken about but never seen or there faces being shown, but here it’s in the title of the show, the mother that is still not revealed. How I Met Your Mother promised to do just that, show us the mother and let us love or hate her. That opportunity was robbed from us, then to have Ted admit he was still love with Robin was an even bigger slap in the face. Will any of this matter, did any of this matter? Not at all, ratings were good and the feedback alone will keep the last episode alive for a few more months until Hulu, Netflix or DVD release hits. The show will do fine as a current hit like Friends in the 90‘s but I’m not thinking it will not be classic like Cheers, How I Met Your Mother will be a mainstay for about ten years in syndication and fade away like many other shows that had a niche audience. How I Met Your Mother could have been a classic show, the stretching out of the series and the poor execution of the finale keeps it from being a true classic to me. The show started with Ted and Robin and with all the women we watch Ted deal with he ends up with Robin, not the mother when the show fades to black. To be honest I’m glad it’s over, thought the show was overrated and not that good.

The Combat Jack Show: The Russell Simmons Episode



The Godfather of this whole damb thing, Rush broke bread reflecting on his time as a gang member, small time drug dealer, how Hip Hop saved his life, why DJ Hollywood should be remembered in the rap history books, why Diddy is the man he his today, Rick Rubin, Lyor Cohen, Dame Dash, how he’s not hung up on the word “nigga”…. so much covered that we had to end it with a lesson in meditation, literally. I’ve seen a lot in my life, but I never thought I’d see the day when a real life rap yogi would be walking us down memory lane. Please run cop Russell’s new book “Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple” co-written by our very own Chris Morrow here.


This was my first time hearing Russell Simmons in an interview uncensored and just on some I’m here kicking it vibe. Love this interview.

No More Dunking In The NFL


The NFL is by far the most talked about and watched sport in the major sports world here in the U.S. With that said it’s also the most strictest of all the other major sports. I get the tackle and leading with your helmet rule, I think the N word rule is more about the bullying thing and it will be something that will fade away sad to say but no dunking is crazy. Let it be known for some reason the dunking has been allowed up to this point, it was part of the celebrating ban and for some reason was allowed to “hang around”. What will be next, none of that thing when other players meet the guy who got the touchdown and congratulates him? How about the Lambeau Leap, will that find a way to be banned as well? For a league that embraces the fact that fans love to get up out their chairs and celebrate, on the field is a different world all together and it is sad. I’m sure players will find some way to express themselves after a touch down. One that happens that too will be taken away.

Hobby Lobby Opening A Door They May Not Want Open


Hobby Lobby is the newest name going against Obamacare. The chain doesn’t want to deal with Obamacare due to birth control issue. The people at Hobby Lobby claim the mandate goes against their religious belief, so Hobby Lobby is looking to go to the Supreme Court regarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Now here is the real issue. I don’t think people knew Hobby Lobby was a religious store, if it is one at all, it doesn’t come off as one if it such a store. With that being the case not only does Hobby Lobby have the right to not deal with Obamacare it also has the right to deny service and employment to certain people due to belief. That means a female who is promiscuous or even rumored to be could be fired because of the belief of the Green family. Those of Islamic faith could be rejected for any of the different aspects of the two religions, which means the store no longer is an Equal Opportunity Employment place. A religious company is also held to a different standard and if the Green family is willing to go all the way to The Supreme Court they’re bypassing personal belief and are stating that their Christian belief is a major part of the Hobby Lobby chain. The Green family can’t have it both ways, they can’t claim Religious Freedom Restoration Act and not be a religious store. Another issue is the Green family is now placing their belief on employees, that part of the story has yet to be touched on. That thought alone is more complicated because it means Hobby Lobby can become intrusive to employees personal life. Hobby Lobby isn’t Heaven & Earth or any other Christian store and that is because it was never meant to be, now that the Green family has opened the door they have to decide if Hobby Lobby is a Christian store or just a store with owners who don’t want to feel their store has to give in to Obamacare which goes against their religion and more so their view on birth control. If things do go Hobby Lobby’s way you can expect many more companies jumping on the train further blurring the line of church and state and professional and personal life. Those applauding such a claim clearly haven’t looked at the bigger picture Hobby Lobby has set up.