MICK and Chi Duly Pay Homage to Jay Z and DJ Premier




What happens when you take Jay-Z’s most lyrical and personal verses & juxtapose them with DJ Premier’s most dark and precise works? The result is 7:18. This mixtape is a love letter to the hiphop we grew up listening to. This is for the people who grew up analyzing the b-side of every Gangstarr and Group Home single. This is for the people who listened to Jay’s “A Million And One Questions” a million and one times.

This is music you should only listen to wearing Carhartt jackets and wheat Timbs. Do not listen to this album at a beach under a palm tree. This is music for a cold, grey day. Preferably enjoyed in a 1994 white Lexus. This is raw and uncut Brooklyn hiphop in it’s prime. A tribute to two of the best who ever did it, and in a way only we could bring it to you. We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed putting it together.



You can never go wrong with DJ Premier beats, couple that with Jay Z and this already had me wanting to listen to it. Checking it out now as I post this. If you about that life click here.


Rapsody: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

In a movement of showing love to Rapsody, who dropped another great album today, Laila’s Wisdom, go download and support REAL HIP HOP and just great music, I thought I’d post this Tiny Desk Concert. On another not I think I have too many commas in that last sentence. I get at my kid about that all the time and now I’ve done it. Life



Hip Hop Honors Should Take Another Time Out



I saw Hip Hop Honors 90’s salute and came away lost about the whole thing. I didn’t see it live so I didn’t get the vibe from social media in real time, and the tweets that floated around were generous as well many sites that popped up when I Googled the show. My issues are many one being the time… An Hour? By time Martin Lawrence received his award the show was around the 30 minute mark.  Not paying any attention to the DVR I assumed it was a two hour show until Hype Williams received his award and it dawned on me an hour was almost up and all the names they mentioned to show up  have already done their thing. How do you focus on a decade and look to do such in an hour. Not to mention you’re talking about 90’s Hip Hop. the most diverse decade ever for the music. The West emerged as a power house The South was coming into their own and the sonic approach was diversifying. Too Short’s West Coast Bay Area wasn’t the same as Casual or Dru Down. So much was lost, not even talking about the genius of Diddy and how he shaped the sound of the 90’s as well as Dr Dre.

Maybe people were shown love according to who could and would show up. You can’t talk Hip Hop and R&B with Uptown Records. Whether you’re speaking on Guy, Al B. Sure, or Mary J and Jodeci, or Soul for Real and Monifah. The label merged to the two genres together perfectly. No disrespect to Mariah Carey, and after listening a second time I understood they were referencing her Pop status and how she used THAT to open the door to and showcase Hip Hop on a broader scale. All that said if you talk about Mariah Carey you have to include Mary J Blige. nothing any artists is doing now exsist if there wasn’t Mary j. Trust me other artists merged the two and a few did it well, Full Force being a major stand out in that comment, but it was something about what Mary J Blige did that made it feel normal. It was like a right of passage to connect with Mary J Blige. Wu, Duck Down, The Firm, Rocafella, Black Star, Common, Dre and many others made classic with the queen.

I want even begin to comment on how Jermaine Dupri should never be held as the reason Atlanta became hot. That’s Outkast and to a larger extant LaFace Records who let you know they were from Atalanta. I didn’t know Jermaine Dupri or Kriss Kross were from Atlanta until Outkast blew up… Fact.

The show felt rushed and to me all of this stems from the success of last year’s show that featured all female MCs. That had love and care written all over it, even when Diddy came and borderline hijacked the show. There was something about it that felt good. The reason it stopped in the first place was because Hip Hop doesn’t embrace it’s past or the people calling the shots don’t allow such a thing to go down.  That’s what made the first three or four Hip Hop Honors great, DJ Hollywood was honored… Some people still don’t consider him Hip Hop but once you find out what he’s famous for you understand that’s pure Hip Hop 101. VH1 lost it once they started looking to target a different audience while trying to keep it authentic. They learned what many Hip Hop people already know, just because you listen to the music doesn’t make you a part of the culture. Hip Hop Honors was less of an open invite and more of a window with the curtains drawn for all to see. Hip Hop will always be that because there’s so much going on all the time. The 90’s proved that more than any other decade. VH1 and any other network, I’m definitely talking about BET should really care about what they’re attempting to do when it comes to Hip Hop. The media will show love unless you totally drop the ball but the purist know phony ratings grabs and click bait when we see it.

Run DMC suing for tradema


Word has it that Run DMC is suing many companies including big dogs WalMart and Amazon for trademark infringement. This makes sense given the fact that many stores sell merchandise with a band’s logo on it. One has to wonder if people even considered that using any band’s logo was a sign of trademark infringement? Moving away from the big companies and just speaking about the small sites that sell merchandise and those shorts are a major seller for them,does this make those sites look for the proper way to go about things or just continue until they’re caught?

what this ultimately does is now turn band branding into the jumbled mess a band’s music is in. At this point if Run DMC chose to watch shows and movies and charge those studios for wearing shirts with their logo they could. Professional sports do it all the time, same thing with sneaker companies. Why wouldn’t bands be allowed to do the same thing? Would such a move detour bootleggers from selling shirts with logos on them? Not at all, people are still selling bootleg albums, some people are selling mixtapes on Amazon which are nothing more than greatest hits collections. I hope Run DMC opens a door that should have been opened long ago, and would have been if record labels thought they could profit off trademarks as much as they do with music of the artists.

Day 1 Of What I Thought Was Hot This Year

Non Hip Hop Album: Anderson Paak:  Malibu


First off what is crazy to me is that in a time where singers are routinely labeled as rappers Anderson Paak depending on who you talk to doesn’t fit the criteria.  Malibu is one of the best albums this year hands down. It’s soulful and deep with the essence of game peppered all over it.

Hip Hop Album: De La Soul: De La Soul and The Anonymous Nobody


Even though we the public knew De La Soul was working an album. No one could have known that the album would have been so different in a good way. Let’s be real the highlight alone is the track with 2 Chainz. De La continues to grow as artists and this album is the newest testimonial to that.

This week’s Documentaries To Check Out

Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives


This documentary is for all those Hip Hop heads who lived through 90‘s Hip Hop. You remember hearing those shows via tape if you weren’t in New York. I remember hearing tapes all the time and some of the songs they played you would never hear them anywhere else or even hear them again. It was the place to be for real MCs to showcase their skill. You get the story from the start to the end of the duos run, even that point where it felt like they sold out by being on Hot 97. Great documentary for those who love Hip Hop and remember or just want to get a quick glimpse into a time far gone.
I Am Road Comic



This documentary explores the perception of what is to be a road comic. You get the real details of budgeting and how hectic the travel is as well as the places that suck for road comic…. Houston, don’t know why but it is universally panned by comics in this film. You get the unwritten rules of being the opening act to selling merchandise.

Going Clear


This documentary is very close to being completely full of hate towards Scientology. What keeps that from happening is the fact that the people speaking were all at some point in their lives a member of scientology. The begining isn’t much new information, it’s the second half that gets creepy. Every religion is a few steps away from being a cult or just becoming something awful and this documentary shows that scientology has crossed the line a few times but depending on where you stand with scientology you either see it or you don’t.

The Premium Pete Show Feat. Miss Lissa Knows:Episode 1: New Beginnings




I’ve been late to this party kinda, I saw the teaser and this episode when it dropped because I follow Premium Pete on Instagram and Periscope, dude is an ill cook, which is what I thought he’d do with Periscope… Oh well. I’ve only gotten up to the Dallas Penn episode and I missed the Snitches one because I’m not really feeling Tax like that but here is a great first episode.. One smother note I really have no idea what happened with Pete and Combat Jack and whatever episode he shitted on Pete it must’ve been with a guest I wasn’t too into to attempt to checkout.



In this inaugural episode, Premium Pete introduces his new co-host Miss Lissa Knows, opens up about leaving the Combat Jack Show and lets the “internets” in on what’s to come. Miss Lissa dishes on why Love & Hip Hop starlet, Cardi B is underestimated and how Cardi is actually way smarter than people realize. The duo drops gems about platonic friendships and if you should remain friends with an ex. Plus, Phone-A-Friend feature, Just Blaze shares his thoughts on the passing of late/great Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest and explains the importance of health care. He also reveals he prefers boxers over briefs.

Press play.